Unhappy one year old! Ideas??

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My son just turned one a few days ago and for the past month he's been extremely fussy! Nothing we do seems to make him happy I just don't get it. He is having major seperation anxiety which I don't understand because I've been home with him since day one, but now if I walk out of the room he starts crying! Anything I can do to change this I start school in a couple weeks and I'm terrified my baby sitter is going to quit because of the crying. Seriously he doesn't want anyone but mom and dad holding him. My sister was over the other day and tried to hold him and he just freaked out! What can I do I am desperate for ideas. My daughter never had this problem. Please help ladies!


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This is pretty typical for this age. They are going through the stage where they understand when you are around, and when you leave the room, they don't understand that you are right in another room. They see you leave, and mommy is gone. Definitely do what Amy suggested "momma be right back" and don't leave for to long. Let him see you come back. Peek a boo is a great idea for this also. That is what I did. Also, kids act totally different with their mothers than other people. He might be fine once you are actually gone and he is distracted. The hardest part is leaving the house and hearing him wail. Also, he could be teething and cranky and in pain from that. My kids got really clingy while teething.

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Amy - posted on 08/04/2012




Read up on separation anxiety as well as stranger anxiety both of which are completely normal. When you have to leave the room give your son a time frame of when you'll be back, start with shorter time frames. Say "I'll be back in a minute" but be sure to return in a minute. You can also hide behind the corner and play peek a boo, this will help him learn that although you left you're still right there and you will be back.

Hopefully your babysitter is experienced and have dealt with it before. Your son will probably adjust and be just fine after you're gone. You could try and do some trial runs where the sitter comes over for an hour a couple of times to play with your son while you get some stuff done around the house.

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