What is your opinion of soy formula?

Nina - posted on 03/13/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My baby has seem to be colic, and spitting up formula, so we took him to the doctor and explained how he cries for 3 to 4 hours every evening and he said it sounds like he is colic or it may just be his tummy from the formula, so they switched him to a soy formula, what is your opinion of soy formula for tummies does it help?

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Ericka - posted on 03/15/2010




It helped my daughter a ton when she was just a couple weeks old she started spitting up breast milk and regular formula and had blood in her stool, so her pediatrician put her on soy formula and she is 100 % better.

Tammy - posted on 03/15/2010




We tried Gracie on all formula including soy, but it did not help her. I had to put her on Alimentum. It has been a God send for us. She was always crying in the evening from about 5 or 6 until 8 or 9 at night. I felt so bad because nothing I did helped her. We came to find out that she could not tolerate the regular formula or soy, so it was alimentum for us. It is unfortunately expensive so I pray the soy works.

Mikayla - posted on 03/15/2010




my son had been being sick alot for 8 months, b4 the doc put him on soy milk, now hes no where near as sick, some days hes not sick at all, and when he is its usually his food, not his milk that hes been sick on, so i think its really helped him!

Rikki - posted on 03/13/2010




didnt help my sons colic so we are back on the formula he started off with only thing that has helped his colic is peppermint tea :)

Corinne - posted on 03/13/2010




My niece was bought up on soy milk. She was lactose intolerent and with that had colic. It is really painful for a baby to experience colis and she has no problems what so ever. Soy milk done her wonders!!!!

Sarah - posted on 03/13/2010




It might. Often times baby's tummies can't handle the milk based formulas, but do fine with milk when they get older. So changing the formula to a soy based one helps their tummies. I was allergic to milk as a child, so both my kids started out on soy based formulas right away. They did not have any problems with the soy ones and both now drink milk fine.

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