What shoe size is considered infant and what is toddler?

Ashley - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




We live in the Rocky Mountains and I need to start preparing for winter. I would love to get my baby a pair of winter boots, I know it sounds silly since he won't be tromping through the snow, but it gets very cold where we live and I don't want his feet to freeze when we are outside. I have been looking online at shoes and the size he is in now I thought was infant sizes but all the shoe sizes say its toddler. I'm confused because I don't want to buy the shoes and have them be way to big. The size he should be in is 4-4.5. Is this infant or toddler? My little guy is 9 months old and he wears 12 month clothes. The tennis shoes we just got are size 4.5.

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Ashley - posted on 09/03/2011




Thank you ladies! So since he is in a 4-4.5 is that infant or toddler size? This is my first baby and its so confusing to me. All the boots I have looked at say months for infants and then sizes for toddlers so thats why I am so confused. Thank you for your help!

Brianna - posted on 09/03/2011




its all depends on how big ur kids feet are cuz all kids are different

Kelina - posted on 09/03/2011




go to the store and figure out what size is right on his feet. My daughters 9 months and into size 3 almost 4 so that sounds about right. Remember it's always better to err on the big side because then he can use them again next winter!

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