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Wendolyn - posted on 08/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just moved to Headland in June of this year. My husband is a fugitive recovery agent, and I thought it was great that our neighbor was one 2. Well you know what they say if some thing looks to go to be true then most likely it is. Anyway so I open my doors to this woman not only because of her line of work but she has 2 kids, after only 2 months of living in our new rental house I have cut all ties with this woman. Why? Let me tell you just in case you come across her, you won't have the same problems I did. She uses people, will try to break your marriage and will call cps on you when you cut her out of your life. I took her out of our lives because she smokes weed with her 17 year old son and his friends in her house. After I saw this with my own eyes I tried to stay away from her and keep my children away from her as well. Then she started to call my husband and tell him lies about me and tried to sleep with him. Tried to get him to leave me for her, when he told her that he wants nothing to do with her she called cps on me and lied.They closed my case because they saw nothing wrong in house. They open a case on her because I told them she smokes weed in her house with her oldest son and his friends. Plus she keeps her house dirty, I mean dirty clothes all over the floors just nasty. She is also getting evicted from her house for none payment of rent. She will be moving soon and I think people specially MOTHERS out here in Alabama should be careful with her. She is not a good person, she may seem like at first but in the end you be in a similar situation as my family if you don't stay clear from her. Her name is LONNA AMEZCUA she has a 17 year old son named Trever and a 14 year old named Josh. Please be careful since she is not happy with her life she will make sure to mess up yours and your family's. By the way she does not have a car, she does not own a gun, and she will prey on the goodness of your heart.


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