how do I get my daughter to drink anything else but warm milk?

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I have tried to cool off her milk but she just throws it away. I have tryed cold water and warm and cold juice and warm and she will not take anything but the warm milk. it wasen't this hard with my son. my daughter is 13 months old and I am trying to give her a sippy cup.


Cindy - posted on 08/10/2009




She's trying to tell you to back off and let her be. She's just not ready yet. There is no reason to rush the sippy cup. There is no reason to rush water or juice. Just brush her teeth and let her be her. When she is ready the milk will taste nasty when it's warm and she'll come around.

Just wait. You are her Mom, not some healthcare nurse or a peditrican. Girls are different than boys. And most kids meander to a different drummer. Just love her for who she is and she'll come around, soon, honest.

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