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not using "cry it out" method

Jennifer - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my 7 month old to sleep in her crib without using a "cry it out" method. She has been sleeping with us up until now and is having a little bit of a hard time getting herself to sleep in her crib.


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my ten month old starts out in his crib and then wakes up and spends the rest of the night in our bed... I figure we will just try to ramp up the time he spends in his own bed eventually. He has always slept in a cosleeper next to our bed or in our bed. We are still nursing too.


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Stasia - posted on 10/06/2010




I waited until my daughter was about ten months and she could crawl out of her bed. She didn't like being confined in a crib that had bars since she was used to sleeping with us, so we tried her in a "big girl bed" (on the floor for safety). she liked it for a few months and then came back to our bed (because i missed her!!!) then we tried again at about 22 months with sheets she picked out and was very excited about and now she only sleeps with us when she is not feeling well or needs some extra attention. 95% of the time she prefers her own bed.

We are doing the same thing with our son and he loves it. I think the key is not to close them in. They aren't used to it and it can be a little intimidating

Rachael - posted on 03/16/2010




We did the sleep together thing until he was almost a year old. I had been nursing my son to sleep and then he would roll away from me. I found that I wasn't sleeping as well becuase he got fussy about needing room while he slept, so we used an air matress next to our bed. We have a low-to-the-ground bed, so his air matress comes up almost to the edge. I just put pillows around the edge, and he's been sleeping fine. He still stirs at night for nursing, but I'm right there. I roll down to the mattress to nurse, then get back into bed. The biggest thing I learned with this, however, is to be patient. Two steps foward, one step back. He may do well three or four nights, or even a week in the mattress, but sometimes he sleeps almost all the way through the night without nursing if I bring him to bed. Just feel it out. Start by putting your baby in the crib after they're asleep. Let them sleep as long as possible, maybe it's only 1 or 2 hours a night. Just keep at it. Don't get frustrated with it, they can sense that, and it won't make them feel any better about sleeping separately. Hope that helps.

Jennifer - posted on 03/16/2010




Thanks everyone. We have figured out something that works great for all of us and we definitely haven't had any crying involved. :-) I have been nursing her to sleep at bed time and putting her in her crib. When she wakes up 3-4 hours later, I just bring her back into the bed with us and nurse her there throughout the rest of the night. That way my husband and I have some alone time before bed. She feels like her crib is a safe place and will fall asleep peacefully for naps. Napping was the main concern in the first place, not the night time sleep. Shelly, I was recently told the same thing about crying it out. NO THANKS!! Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions.

Shelly - posted on 02/28/2010




Hey Girlfriend, Of course I'm not there yet, however I'm wondering if she's just not ready to sleep without you and might be better next to you for a while longer. It has to be easier on you to nurse from bed. Scott and I are upgrading to a king bed so Seddona can have more room as she gets bigger--oh, wait, that's so that "I" can have more room! I can't stand the thought of the "cry it out". We recently had someone tell us that she is getting close to the age where she will "have" to cry-it-out. Um--NO--I know that's not my parenting method. Love you, girl.

Chelsea - posted on 02/22/2010




I second the No Cry Sleep Solution. I have moved my 22 month old to a crib that is side carred to our bed because I'm expecting another baby in April and don't want my daughter climbing or laying on the new little one in the middle of the night.

Tiffany - posted on 02/17/2010




I have no advice on this matter, as I let my daughter sleep in my bed till about age two. I don't believe in cribs. To me they are little prisons. However, what ever works best for your family is all that matters. My question is why are you now attempting the crib?

Marcy - posted on 02/10/2010




Jennifer if you have a pack and play we just struck it right nest to our bed. I nursed my kiddo down and then stuck him in the pack and play. He would sleep for about 4 hours then get up and we would just bring him in our bed with us. We never did CIO....just keep putting her back in the pack and play and if she cries, pick her up, snuggle, nurse (if you are) and then when she falls back asleep put her back. Its exhausting but well worth it.

Gina - posted on 02/07/2010




I like the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, Happy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, and Nighttime Parenting by William Sears.

Best of luck! All problems are fleeting...

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