For those of us that don't fit into the "normal" mom mold. Punks, Goths, Rockers, GBLT parents, etc.


Inviting a second man into our marriage?

My husband and I have been married for four years and have a great relationship and a new baby born in December 2012. My husband and I have a great sex life. We have never been...


Any home Nudist?

Hi there. I was wondering if anyone here practices home nudity? i was raised in a nudist environment, and now am raising my daughter the same way. Just curious if anyone else...


Hello...any goth moms?

I'm new to this stuff and don't know who'se in here...but I'm gothic and a Christian...anyone else in here like me?

Started by Carrie on 04/19/2010 in "Alternative" Moms

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Tired of judgement!

I live in a small town (yes it drives me crazy) and I am a very "alternative mom". I have hot pink hair, a large chest piece tattoo (and an ankle one too) and I love alternative...

Started by Sarah on 07/13/2013 in "Alternative" Moms

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I found a cool website for Wiccan Kids!!

I found a cool website for Wiccan kids..It's 10 and 8 year old kids thought it was really great. My daughter(10 yrs.) liked the reading and historical...

Started by Jocelyn on 11/19/2009 in "Alternative" Moms

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Hi where is everyone ?

Hi, i would like to introduce myself . My name is zoe and i have been appointed admin on the alternative moms community. It would be nice to hear from everybody on the message...


Polygamy. What are peoples thoughts?

Polygamy (from πολύς γάμος polys gamos, translated literally in Late Greek as "often married"[1]) is a form of marriage in which a person has more than one spouse at...


Should I 'normalise' for my childs sake?

I've been goth, pagan, and speaking a language different from that of the country I live in for most of my life. I had a goth wedding. Then came little one... in three years, I...

Started by Aconite on 07/26/2013 in "Alternative" Moms

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My son's name Is Mayhem

My son is about to start school and suddenly family is starting to say he should be using his middle name instead of his name Mayhem so that he doesn't get picked on at school....

Started by Heather on 08/14/2013 in "Alternative" Moms

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My name is Janessa. I am 26 years old. I am married to a wonderful man. We have an amazing son! We plan on trying for a second child soon. I recently moved and am still adjusting.

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Letting your kids get pierced.

My daughter is 12 and I recently let her get her nose pierced. I have received a lot of flak from other family members and other moms too. She is going into 8th grade this year...

Started by Jessica on 07/10/2011 in "Alternative" Moms

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Gender-neutral parenting

Hi! I'm trying to find people I can talk to who have some experience with raising boys who like 'girly' things. I have 3 beautiful boys, my first is 95% boy except for his...

Started by Amanda on 02/21/2013 in "Alternative" Moms

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Any tattoo lovin mommys out there? I have several tattoos and piercings and get funny looks with my son, anyone else get the looks? They are getting easier to ignore luckily!

Started by Nicki on 12/10/2008 in "Alternative" Moms

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Metal head Mums out there?

Me and my fella are your run of the mill pierced up and rocking metal heads. We've both been told this makes us totally unsuitable for parenting, which used to make me angry but...


What makes you "alternative"?

I'm alternative because I continue to wear combat boots and mini skirts, I let my tattoos show. I make my own organic baby food and go out dancing to heavy metal/punk bars. I...

Started by Heather on 04/08/2010 in "Alternative" Moms

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Alternative mums

My friend has a page on Facebook, especially for alternative mums especially for those with piercing's and tattoos it is

Started by Yasmine on 10/10/2012 in "Alternative" Moms

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