how can you make a bolognaise without tomato base my daughter cannot have nightshade vegetables dair


Yesenia - posted on 04/24/2009




Depending on what recipe you're using...

Here's what I would do...

Use pumkin puree (100% pumpkin only) instead of tomato, season with plenty of sage- it goes wonderful with pumpkin and if she can have soy, use soy milk or soy creamer to make it really creamy, also you might want to use less margarine than the recipe calls for, just so it won't be oily since you have to leave out the butter, this would taste better with ground turkey instead of beef. If you need a recipe, let me know. Hope this helps!

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Lesa - posted on 04/24/2009




thanks for that you know it can do your head in at times there is a brand in america called nomato which has all the ingredients that my daughter can have she is allowed a little butter and i will give that recipie a try thanks so much!!

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