Is anyone still having problems with potty training?

Tristan - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is a stubborn one...I've tried everything. In pull-ups she acts like its just a diaper, in real panties she would act like its a real diaper but she tells me when she's had an accident, bare-bottomed she just pees on the floor without telling me. She has a potty chair and she has a seat to fit on the big potty. I've sat her on the potty every fifteen minutes for a whole week to no avail. I found her peeing standing up over her potty chair once, cause thats how daddy does it. I praised her for going in the potty but tried to explain that us girls sit to pee. I've caught her hiding in corners to poo and sat her on the potty to finish but then she tells me it wont come out. She has moved her potty chair into her room and sat on it for an hour just watching tv but without peeing or pooing. I've gotten her candy for going and even taken her to the dollar store for going another time. She refuses to use the potty and demands I change her pull-up instead. Someone please help..


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Catherine - posted on 09/20/2010




my son is the exact same im at me wits end he does it sometimes pee like but wont tell me when he needs 2 go then at times and no poo trying 2 train him since april just seems 2 be taking so long and pre shool wont take him till hes fully potty trained :( all kids r differnt i guess

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my son age 3 1/2 was having issues going to the bathroom also finally there was a buzz lightyear at church that he wanted to play with and i told him that as soon as he goes potty and poop in the toilet. for a while it was not working but i kept telling him that as soon as he has no more diapers he can get a buzz he got the pee down but poop took a little longer but about a month we finally got the buzz.

Valerie - posted on 09/13/2010




try letting her wash her hands after. Thats how I got my son to start going..He is fully pee pee trained we are just having a hard time with his poo

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my daughter was the same way. she just didn't care. didn't matter that other girls younger than her were trained. Our Doc said to back off if it became a battle of we stopped trying when she about 2 1/2. but I kept mentioning every now and then that by the time she was 3 - no more diapers. then I would say how we would go shopping for some pretty underwear (helped when she found out she could have Dora, Princess, Barbie, etc. etc. on her underwear!). As her birthday came closer and she got more excited...I'd say " yes, then you'll be 3, and no more diapers, just pretty underwear." Eventually she got excited about it too. When the birthday came, she was actually quite sick, so we were delayed about 2 weeks, but as promised we went to the store and picked out the underwear.....on the condition the next morning, no Pull-Up...underwear. And we told her that Sleeping Beauty did not want pee or poop on her! Well, for about 4 days she had an accident every single time! I was ready to pull my hair out....she'd go through every single pair of underwear AND her clothes. I had to do laundry every night. But by day 5....magic; only 2 accidents. by the end of the week....none. She even managed an hour plus trip to grandma's house.......and was very proud to have peed on the highway in her potty! Now she is not quite night trained yet....I still have her in a Pull Up (her brother is almost 6 and still has night accidents so we seem to be a family of late bloomers), but we will set a target date for underwear at night too. It seemed to work well. I think they just have to want know? they have to see it as an achievement, something to be proud of, rather than mommy making me do it. good luck.

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