first time teething after weaning how to comfort

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Alexander has always been an easy teether, he would get picky with solids and breastfeed more. He is now 21 months and his bottom 2 canines are cutting through the problem is he weaned 3 months ago. He has lifted my shirt and tried to nurse but got frustrated after a few sucks and walked away. Any idea on how I can provide him comfort and pain relief this time around with his teething?


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My son's favorite teether is his little toothbrushes. Even the soft rubber handle is just as effective as the brush end.
My son started cutting his canines within DAYS of Hyland taking their teething tablets off the market. This was HORRIBLE news for us! I miss the teething tablets, so does my boy! If he sees that little white square bottle he starts to cry for it. Even HE understands how much they help.
Since we don't have the teething tablets anymore...I am leaning on any other soothing remedy I can find. We enjoy popcicles made from pedialyte....grapes seem to be very nice...he will eat cold grapes when he turns his nose up at everything else.
I try to hold off on the Tylenol unless he is REALLY fussing about the teeth. If he has his entire fist in his mouth and there is a puddle of drool on the floor in front of him...I'll give him a shot of Tylenol.
Do you have breastmilk stored for him? Are you pumping? Of course our instinct is to give him has perfect properties to fix everything...if you HAVE it...I'd try it...even if it means a sippy cup instead of 'fresh'

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