What solid food does your baby eat?

Kirsty - posted on 12/14/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son is 8 months old, he will only take around 10oz of milk in any 1 day more often thatn not 3 4oz bottles a day! he will have porridge in a morning pluse to small jars of dinner and 2 milk yogerts! evry time i try him with other solids he gags! what other foods should i be trying him with? i feel he isnt having enough!

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Trese - posted on 01/05/2011




My son was a premie and is 15 months and can only eat small soft foods without gagging. He started with the same exact foods as your son. The Gerber lil crunchies and yogurt melts works because they dissolve and he cant swallow the whole thing. I still struggle with getting him to eat veggies and fruit but you can try this Nuby pack nibbler. Its a mesh holder you can put fruits in. Good to put frozen fruit in for teething. Hope this helps.

Amy - posted on 12/14/2009




mix the cereals or the yogurts with the other foods to introduce them to him. then gradually take the mixture out so he's eating the food 100%. You should introduce veggies first, then fruits then meats. Hope this helps!

Kelly - posted on 12/14/2009




have you spoke to your health visitor, for reasurrance. my girl likes the same food and when i try changing it, i have to mix it with mixed apples so she reconises the taste, but gradually add more and more of the other food and less of the apples. if your boy seems happy and is at the right development levels then there souldnt be anything to worry bout.but if your worried go and see doc or health vis

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