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Building the Blocks by Amy Block  

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Why I Decided to Adopt

Because it's biblical, beautiful and a blessing.

The Biggest Challenge of the Adoption Process

While I will never tell anyone adoption is necessarily easy, I will say that every challenge we faced — from raising the funds, attachment, comments from outsiders, the wait and the unknown — was worth it all.

When and How My Children Learned They Were Adopted

I don't know if there was ever a specific time my children were told they were adopted. Because being adopted is nothing to be ashamed of or nothing to hide — the word adoption is something my children hear almost daily. Adoption does not define my children, however being in a large, multi-racial family it is a big and obvious part of our lives. We love to share with others how the Lord wove our family together. While we are sensitive in keeping parts of our children's story their own — we also choose to share our lives with others so that they will be able to see first hand what a blessing adoption can be.

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