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Counting Caballeros

by Ginger Caballero 

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Where I Turn When I Need a Good Laugh

If we are talking blogs, there are quite a few on this list that I regularly frequent. However, there are several others that are not included here – most notably, “Snarky in the Suburbs” and “Hyperbole and a Half.” Generally though, I do not need to look past my own 4 walls to get a laugh – my 4 kids are hilarious. The 10 & 8 year old are funny in their own way, but the real giggles happen during conversations with the 3 and 5 year old.

My Child's Weirdest Habit

Depends on which kid you’re talking about. The 10 year old has an addiction to Legos. He walks around with handfuls of them all of the time and lays them down everywhere. I have found them on the table, in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, in the kitchen cabinet, in the refrigerator – literally EVERYWHERE. I even caught him playing with them in church. He had brought a handful of Legos in his pocket and was building as many different things as he could with the few pieces. The 8 year old is a diva – she talks to herself in front of the mirror, practicing which facial expressions are most dramatic and flattering. She comes up to me at the most random times of day and says things like “Mom, which is my best side?” and “Does this make me look fat?” It doesn’t by the way. Ever. She is a toothpick. The 5 year old…well, we suspect that she may be on the spectrum. But she is so awesome that we just let her be her for now. She has the most interesting take on life, but her weirdest habit is that she shakes her head at night. She has done some version of this since she was an infant – rolling her head back and forth, rocking, bouncing, etc. It is comforting to her. Every morning her hair is knotted up to her scalp and I have to use a lot of detangler and a brush to get the knots out. The 3 year old sucks his arm. He has done this ever since I weaned him. His fat, chubby, little arm was the closest thing that he had to a boob, and he latched onto it with gusto. As a result, there is a permanent ridge sucked into his forearm and people ask us all the time “How did he burn himself?” Well he didn’t burn himself. He has a wicked ridged hickey that he gave himself. I sort of feel sorry for any girlfriends in his future.

The Most Bizarre Product I've Come Across as a Mom

Definitely The Breast Feeding Doll. I wrote an entire post about it called “Role Playing Toys.” Don’t get me wrong, I am all about some breast feeding for all of those who can do it. I did it with all 4 of my kids. But this doll, with it’s little bra-like-thingy that gives you daughter (or son, I guess) fake nipples is a little extreme.

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