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What All Moms Should Know About Food Allergies

Many people don't realize how prevalent soy and dairy is in foods. (These are our intolerances). While I appreciate when people try to make a food that my kids can eat, I am nervous letting them eat it because I don't know how carefully they made it or if the item might have natural flavorings or other ingredients that I know have soy but the person preparing the food may not know. Please understand that I am not being difficult about food but only want to keep my family safe.

Advice for Moms Who've Just Learned Their Kids Have Food Allergies

Seek out other moms whose children have food allergies. If you can't find them in person, find them online. Feel free to contact other moms who blog about food allergies and intolerances. When I first discovered we had intolerances, I was at a loss and felt that my whole world would have to change. Now, 18 months later, I know that we can still enjoy food, just different foods. I am also thankful that we are only dealing with intolerances; many moms have to worry about protecting their children who have severe allergies. Since this all began, I am much more understanding of precautions schools should and do take to protect kids with allergies, though I still feel not enough is being done.

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