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My Top Tip for Making the Family Home Run Smoothly

Don't have much stuff to begin with! Keep your home small, so that you don't have room for clutter. Purge every few months, instead of waiting until one big, huge annual purging week. If you don't have much stuff, everything runs smoother—your calendar, your budget, your relationships, and cleaning.

Home Management Skills Every Mom Should Teach Her Child

1. Clean as you go. Putting things back when you're done, spot cleaning for 15 minutes twice a day, and nightly toy pick-ups go a long way.

2. Let go of perfection. Your house doesn't need to be spotless—it needs to be good enough for the people that live there.

3. Chores are a part of life. They're not punishment. And yes, they're not fun, but life isn't always about fun, even when you're a kid. Don't think you're robbing them of a childhood when you make them do chores—you're equipping them to be valuable citizens as adults.

The Most Important Thing I Learned from My Mom About Home Management

With rare exception, the house isn't as messy as you think. The kids really don't mind the crazy that much.

The Most Organized Room in My Home and the Biggest Trouble Zone

Most organized: the living room. It's where we house all our books, our movies, and our games, and it's really small, so it doesn't take much time to straighten up. It's a peaceful place for all of us to gather. Trouble zone: the master bedroom. Sadly, like most people, it's where we dump stuff when people come over, and we're rarely in there during the day, so it's easy to just close the door. I'm working on that.

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