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The Nut-Free Mom

by Jenny Kales

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What All Moms Should Know About Food Allergies

I'd like all parents to know that food allergies are a medical condition, not a food preference and definitely not a fad. And while food allergies need to be respected and managed, kids who have this challenge are still kids and enjoy the things that other kids do. Kids with food allergies may have to take certain precautions and watch what they eat, but other than that they have full lives and are as well-rounded as anyone else.

Advice for Moms Who've Just Learned Their Kids Have Food Allergies

My heart goes out to any mom who just found out that her child has a food allergy. It's a scary time. Please know that you must give yourself time to adapt. Don't assume you'll have this thing figured out in one day...and that's OK. Take your time and don't push yourself (and your child) into potentially risky situations until you are ready. There are more resources and public awareness about food allergies than ever before and there is a community of parents who are here to support you -- that's one reason I started my blog. You are not alone and you will learn to manage your child's food allergy and help them to have a full and happy life.

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