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Moms 4 Sarah Palin by Tami Nantz 

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Where I Am On The Political Spectrum

I am a Christian conservative, and a registered Republican.

The Political Issue That's Most Important To Me

The issue that is most important to me is abortion. I am 100% pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception, and that there is no greater issue than protecting the innocent lives of those that are yet to be born.

If I Was In Charge At the White House For One Day, I Would...

If I were President for a day, I'd begin by repealing Obamacare, and putting a program in place to reform existing healthcare laws. I'd then implement a flat tax or a fair tax, and suspend capital gains taxes...this would go a long way in getting millions of Americans back to work...I'd hurry up and do all of this so that I could jump on a plane and spend the rest of my day visiting our amazing men and women in uniform.

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