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Hot Mess Mom

by HMM 

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Where I Turn When I Need a Good Laugh

Something ridiculous and funny happens in my family about every 11 seconds, so I never have to look far for a giggle. When the family's not around, and I spend quality time with my DVR, I laugh alone and out loud at several sitcoms including The New Girl, Modern Family and Bent. And, of course- Jon Stewart. We are in love but he doesn't know it yet. The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva and Mommy Wants Vodka are my two go-to blogs that are always good for a laugh.

My Child's Weirdest Habit

All three of my boys think that both underwear wearing and ass wiping are optional and overrated.

The Most Bizarre Product I've Come Across as a Mom

I've never understood the Diaper Genie. How is a bag full of 20 shitty diapers less gross than just a single shitty diaper? I just don't get it.

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