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by Sarah Ann Noel

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How did your style change (if at all) after becoming a mom?

I was definitely more adventurous in my style before I was a mom. I still consider myself fashion-forward, but I always consider ease, comfort, and my baby first now. For example, giant earrings? Out of the question with a baby who loves to grab! And flat shoes just make more sense for all the running around we do. But I like to be evolving. I like looking back on my style, how it's changed, and how it reflects where I am in life.

What's your favorite stylish and practical item?

Before motherhood, I underestimated the power of a super-cute ballet flat. Now I can't get enough of them. And if it's a nice day and we feel like walking a mile to the park, I don't have to worry about if my feet will hold up for the trek or not. I also LOVE my large Coach diaper bag. I don't feel like I'm carrying a diaper bag and it's perfect for every day grab-and-go.

What's a quick thing moms can do to take their style up a notch?

Makeup has become more important to me. Having an extensive selection of bright lipsticks is my new favorite trick for spicing up a "blah" day.

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