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Why I Decided to Adopt

We wanted children. We came to adoption through infertility. I had had several miscarriages, and a cancer diagnosis.

The Biggest Challenge of the Adoption Process

Uncertainty. We had been trying to grow our family for many years. I didn't have any confidence that adoption was something that would work out for us.

When and How My Children Learned They Were Adopted

Our children know they are adopted. Our agency did a great job preparing a video lifebook, which we watch often. We talk about their adoption frequently. We have photos, and photo books that include images of their surviving birth family. We have facilitated an open option as well. My nearly six-year old starts the conversation quite a bit. Both she and my two-year old play games where they fly on a plane to adopt two babies. Last week they flew to "North Ecuador" and Alaska for their adoptions.

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