Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs by Moms - 2012

If you or a friend have experienced post-partum depression (PPD), you know that it strikes a woman during a particularly vulnerable time in her life, and that it can be devastating to her entire family. To highlight the brave moms who blog their way through it, sharing their experiences, we asked readers to nominate and vote for great blogs that focus on PPD. Now, we're honored to announce the Top 25.

Collectively, the women behind the Top 25 PPD Blogs are creating an invaluable resource on the web, a reservoir of first person accounts of what it's like to experience PPD. Click though to read highlights from each blog as well as each blogger's thoughts on what makes her work unique. And if you know someone suffering from PPD, or even someone who's at risk, let them know that they can seek solace here.

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