Anything strange you do that we might find funny?

  • Fiona says:
    I am a bit of a nudist at home -Dont always have clothes on -YES even in Winter LMAO! Just crank the heater i say LOL!

  • Donna Marie says:

  • Melissa says:
    nothing I do compares to Fee being a "nudist"....lol so no, nothing really!

  • Jodi says:
    no not really

  • Kerryn-louise says:
    hmmm maybe the fact that i just sat here for about 10 minutes trying to think of something, lol. I get really excited when hells kitchen is about to start cos i love it when ramsey goes off.

  • Michelle says:

  • Mel says:
    Yes lol i am mad i still iron everything i cant stand wearing anything that hasent been ironed except underwear/socks.

  • Tamara says:
    i talk to myself lol

  • Sylvia says:

  • Ruthie Clare says:
    no im not telling you

  • Stacey says:
    not really

  • Francine says:
    hmmm...i wave my hands really fast in front of my eyes when i dont wanna cry and I sometimes ( most of the time ) snort when i laugh

  • Nicole says:

  • Sandra says:
    I make sure if I have teabags in the house that I cant see them... I hate the look of them

  • Amanda says:

  • Samantha says:
    Off the top of my head i don't know... i do alot of things that make people laugh, but trying to think of one thing that could make you laugh is proving to be difficult...

  • Kimberly says:
    I dont think so.

  • lynzy says:
    dont think so

  • Anonymous says:
    daughters say....when I swear at the cat

  • Tiffany says:

  • Patti says:
    rub my feet together to fall asleep

  • Jennifer says:
    i put A1 steak sauce on EVERYTHING!

  • Michelle says:
    dont know

  • Amber says:
    none that i can think of

  • Tania says:
    I play games on FB

  • Rochelle says:

  • Amanda says:
    not sure

  • natasha says:

  • Donna says:
    lol not telling you that either

  • Kelly says:
    god knows??? cranking the music and dancing around the house with bailey!!

  • Grace says:
    Um....climb barb fences when Im pissed. Or dance around a lot in pubs.

  • Trish says:
    hmmmm not sure

  • Samantha says:
    I am a total goober 24/7 so pretty much anything I do I guess

  • Taylor says:
    I stick a rolled up tissue in my nose when I have a runny nose and am trying to sleep...beats snot running everywhere or waking to blow your nose every 2 mins.

  • Karen says:
    Can't think of it.

  • julie says:
    Way too much to list, such as help castrate cattle!

  • Natasha says:
    Not really, but I do love to talk to all the animals.

  • Kristee-Lea says:
    nope not that i can think of

  • syahda says:
    i've got scratch because of that

  • Tahni says:
    I get pretty over anxious if the house is not clean.

  • Kara says:
    I'm pretty boring, actually.

  • nicky says:
    i am 100% strange lol

  • Melissa says:
    ha ha well the pegs must match when hanging out the clothes

  • janelle says:
    not sure

  • Beth says:
    I am obsessive about Farmtown

  • Ann says:

  • Kim says:
    hang the clothes on the line in an order..

  • Nikki says:
    I Sleep walk scott has had to stop me a few times

  • Samii says:
    i can move my ears with out touching them

  • Samantha says:

  • Michelle says:

  • Georgie says:
    I would tell you but i know some of you would so make fun of me at the wrong time, so i plead the 5th

  • Kerry says:

  • Tara says:
    I'll have to get back at you

  • Stephanie says:

  • Billie says:
    can't think of anything right now

  • Carrie says:
    Fold my ear in and launch a penny off of it !!

  • Jessica says:
    i dont really know.. i probaly do alot of things strange that i find normal.

  • Tammy says:
    dance around the house and sing with the kids. I swear if someone saw us they would committ us

  • Amanda says:

  • Christal says:
    for me to know and you to find out! :)~

  • Kayla says:
    I cannot stand for things to be out of place..it has to be put back. Not sure..Other than being fairly clumsy.

  • Julie-Ann says:

  • Kara says:
    Everything! No really I can look diferent ways with my eye balls and i can fold my hands behind my back, and I used to be able to put my feet behind my head.

  • Adrienne says:
    prolly a lot of things

  • Danielle says:
    Well I sniff baby wips @ CVS.. & orlean can tell you that story..lol

  • Paula says:
    Nothing I can think of!

  • Natalia says:
    I sometimes will talk out loud to myself

  • trish says:
    I push my pug toby around in a doggie stroller

  • Candice Barton says:
    obsess over Twilight

  • AMBER says:
    I type out just about everything people say to me in my head

  • Brandi says:
    nothing strange bout me

  • Jessica says:

  • Tricinda says:
    I freak out everytime my house gets even a little bit messy

  • Amber says:
    not really off the top of my head

  • Megan says:
    i dont know

  • Kailean says:
    dont think so

  • sherry says:
    I trip over my own feet & stub my toes 24/7. My family thinks it's funny..lol

  • Amy says:
    There is alot I do they people find funny but I really cant think of anything at this moment

  • ALICIA says:
    dance round the house when on my own. My cats look at me like i am stupid lol

  • Danielle says:
    i dont think so!

  • Melodee says:
    I yell at the TV

  • amber says:
    probably but im not tellin

  • Kat says:

  • Joannie says:
    im sooo used f walking with hill, sometime i walk with my toes sticking out in the air ....lol

  • Paige says:
    I like to sing at the top of my lungs when I am cleaning. The kids have now followed me in that tradition. Alex belts out to that BEP's song "I gotta feeling"

  • Sherry says:
    I ♥ to at Ice all the time!

  • Natasha says:
    not that I would tell

  • Melissa says:
    Not that I can thing of.

  • Sam says:

  • Trista says:
    not really

  • louise says:
    Probably but youd have to ask someone else

  • Tanya says:
    I dont think so

  • Amy says:
    Gosh I don't know

  • Heth says:
    I have to have VIVA kitchen towel and it HAS to be NON print or I get really annoyed every time I look at it. I have to have NON print Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper and it has to sit in the holder with the lead coming out over the TOP. If I go to other people's houses or a restaurant and the toilet paper is feeding from underneath, I'll change it around...

  • Sarah says:
    I like having the speed limiter and cruise control button turned to the 'off' position in the car because it shits me if it shows up on the dashboard display when I'm not using it.

  • Eva says:
    i don't believe so

  • Elicia says:
    I HATE milk and so if it gets on me, it's like poison has gotten on my skin and I shiver and shake and of course my family thinks it's great fun.

  • jess says:
    hmm... ??

  • Naomi says:
    Can't think of anything off the top of my head

  • emma says:
    the fact i have got 5 kids?

  • Natalie says:
    No I can't think of anything, I am a little bit boring like that

  • Emily says:
    When i take a drink, I "chipmunk" it. I fill my cheeks up with whatever it I'm drinking and then swallow. And, Aaron hates that I do this, but my jaw pops whn I chew my food.

  • Sarah says:
    play d and d

  • Kara says:
    Laugh at myself on a regular basis.

  • diana says:

  • Angie says:
    Everything has to be in even #'s. I don't like odd #'s.

  • Kathy says:
    my turkey call

  • ellen says:
    i talk to myself all the time

  • Stephanie says:
    I am a strange gal...lol

  • Deandra says:
    I'm a bit of a germ freak, but that's not o strange...you have to be careful in this day and age!

  • Bobbi says:
    I like to be naked??? lol

  • KAREN says:
    i like to put lipstick on before I do my hair or put makeup on

  • selina says:
    sure, i'm sure i do alot of things that peeps find funny

  • Jessy says:

  • Amie says:

  • Alana says:
    nothing I can think of at the moment!

  • Lisa says:

  • Brooke says:
    I alphabetize my DVDs and organize my books by size.