How do you spend family time together?

  • Gina says:
    Laughing, playing and snuggling.

  • Andria says:
    We go for walks, play at the park, watch tv, bake, Kayla likes to go fishing,

  • Tessa says:
    Family picnic's at different places once a week to a fortnight.

  • Rebecca says:
    go out swimming camping we get up to all different things

  • Joanne says:
    Go on outings visit fmily and just try and have fun together

  • Kelly says:
    We visit Grandparents every now and again but see them alot because Aunty needs lifts to work all the time, we usually chill at home together listen and sing music , play musical instruments daddy brought, tackle and the girls love to sit on our bellies and bonce up and down