What was your most common food craving, or most unusual craving?

  • Jessica says:
    Milkshakes. Everyday. and vegatables. But not together!! lol

  • Shantelle says:
    garlic bread. pinapple. calamari. seafood.

  • Cassie says:
    lola=taco bell willow=tuna

  • Katie says:
    i wanted margaritas STRAWBERRY every day.. i think about it.. i wont stop bitching about me wanting one until i got it HAHA Lol.. it sure did give me heart burn REALLY BAD but soooo worth it lol

  • Jeanne says:
    Cereal... kids cereal like Reese's peanut butter puffs, Fruit Loops, and Rice Krispie Treats Cereal

  • Carrie says:
    didnt really crave anything specific

  • Theresa says:
    With Alexis, skittles. With Brandon, chocolate.

  • Helen says:
    Rubarb and beer lol

  • Tanya says:
    Instant Cream of Tomato Soup with warm bread, lots of butter at 3am

  • amber says:
    Lemons with salt...lots and lots of lemons

  • Shannon says:
    I wanted BREAD. I didn't care how I got it, I just wanted it all the time.

  • Janet says:
    Strawberries by far.I ate them all day and night.Just ask my hubby.I would sit in bed at 4 a.m crunching on them,and he was like "can't you eat those elsewhere?" haha.

  • SheryL says:
    cheese, cheese, cottage cheese, string cheese, block cheese, cream cheese, with this one...any kind of cheese will do please!!! Koury, grapes in the middle of the morning and other fruits! Casey went and got em at 4 in the am too!!! ;) Ryden, I remember having a fried egg sandwich with mayo, pickles, cheese and bacon!!! Casey made that for me!! yummy!

  • Meagan And Shaun says:
    I didnt crave much... cheese in the beginning and chocolate towards the end.

  • Anonymous says:
    Moe's lol

  • Bridgette says:
    Nothing with Michaela and green olives with Heidi

  • Bonnie says:
    With Lexi milk.. Gavin I baked EVERY day my other kids loved it

  • Anonymous says:
    With Joe it was carrots, with Marissa, sweets!

  • Cara says:
    I ate everything lol

  • colleen says:
    i was addicted to mint. chewing gum, mints, mint aero, mint cake you name it i ate it!

  • Amanda says:
    Sour skittles and pepsi! Most common ones, anyway.

  • Jennifer says:
    Pizza,dr pepper, bananna popsicles

  • Keisha says:
    I really did not have one, only one week when I just wanted friend foods, thank god I got over that quick.

  • Jennifer says:
    none really but I did eat alot of snickers

  • Tracy says:
    coke and choccie

  • Diana says:
    in the beginning fast food and mid to 40 weeks fresh fruit

  • Lyndsey says:
    With the first pregnancy it was TACO BELL, lol. With the second i don't really remember many cravings, at least until the end when i was diagnosed with Gestatonal diabetes and couldn't have sweets, Then that was all i craved, lol.

  • Anonymous says:
    with aidan- nothing, with this one any kind of fruit

  • Kailean says:
    Caleab - pizza shapes Bayleigh - Ice Cubes Clayton - Ice Cubes & Chocolate Cake

  • Kayla says:
    Zada - nothing Jeremiah - Salad

  • Lisa says:
    I basically just craved unhealthy stuff; ie Mcdonalds (which I lived on in the beggining),Pepsi. Most unusual...M&M's on pizza (which didn't end up tasting as good as I thought it would)

  • Teresa says:
    crackers and cheese whiz was my absolute favorite thing to snack on for like the first 5 months! lol... otherwise, my moms homemade cooking, or fast food!!!!!!

  • Tracy says:
    Soft-serve vanilla ice cream, bean burritos w/out onions from Taco Bell, chocolate truffles

  • Amber says:
    I Didnt Really Have Any Aprt From Ice Lollies.. Twisters Imparticular Lol. And Always Thirsty.

  • casey says:
    I wanted to chew on rubber...

  • patti says:
    I had to have waffles within 90 seconds of waking up every morning or else!!! And I drank rootbeer ALOT!!!

  • Tabitha says:
    Jalepenos.. mashed potatos.....mexican food.

  • Cristina says:
    I wanted oranges with salt...and mushrooms and steak and I use to hate them

  • Anonymous says:

  • Damaris says:
    None, just increased hunger with both

  • Jennifer says:
    1st - LOTS of Ding Dongs = +30 lbs for me after baby :( 2nd - peperoni & jalepeno pizza and chocolate milk

  • Tina says:
    Jay-Carne Asada Burittos Seth-Fruit Kaden-Didn't eat

  • Maria says:
    Taco bell bean burrito with extra red sauce no onions (l love onions but while I was pregnant I did not like them).

  • Janelle says:
    Actually I never really had food cravings...since everything made me feel sick to my stomach I had a really hard time finding food to eat!

  • Kim says:
    sour cream, onions, mustard.

  • Victoria says:
    all 3 I had to feel and smell Persil washing powder!!

  • Marcy says:
    With Ben I craved fruit, especially watermellon. I would eat a huge plate full of watermellon in one sitting. Jason always joked that I was serving it for company not just for myself.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Whitney says:
    I craved chicken salads with Mhorgan.. and baked potatos. With MacKenzie whatever i could stomach i ate.

  • Autumn says:
    chinese takeout and tons and tons of chocolate milk.

  • Christine says:
    chicken salad,broccoli soups..soup period I ate alot of soup

  • Kellie says:
    Chocolate milk, celery, and wings!

  • SheriAnn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    I only had cravings with Hannah and that was definitely my most unusual: fried spam.

  • Cari says:
    didnt really crave anything! except at the end i wanted code red Mt. Dew!

  • Tammy says:
    Boys was nothing much, Daughter was peanut butter

  • Anonymous says:
    Anything really sour!!

  • miche says:
    no unususal cravings. zane, Loved pizza and vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup. Ian. carbs

  • mimi says:
    sushi and bloody meat. i LOVE sushi but can not stand rare cooked meat so it was hard for me

  • Mallorie says:

  • Sally Renee says:
    Macca's Large Strawberry Thickshakes is i diden't have 1 everynite id cry.......

  • Belinda says:
    I had a craving for anchovy toast and exotic fruits with Samantha and coke and french fries with Tanita

  • Kayleigh says:
    chocolate i dont really like it tbh but i had a drawer full of dairy milk :)

  • Erin says:
    sand... driving past the beach was torture

  • Heather says:
    chicken and fruit

  • Rhianna says:
    non, milk towards the end of both pregnancies.

  • Kathleen says:
    with 1st mangoes and cheese and lettuce sandwiches............with 2nd salt and vinegar chips.............. 3rd Lindt chocolate

  • Crissy says:
    le-snacks and hungry jacks...and ice cubes

  • brooke says:
    apples and nerds!

  • Jennai says:
    choc frappes from gloria jeans

  • Anonymous says:
    chocolateand milk

  • Rachel says:
    Tomato juice and prawn cocktail crisps

  • Melissa says:
    The first everything that is bad for you second nothing third chocolate

  • nicole says:
    banana smoothies.. and pineapple

  • Emma says:

  • Samantha says:
    chewing a sponge, i never told anybody this!

  • Anonymous says:
    No cravings really!

  • Melanie says:
    didnt realy have one.

  • Louise says:
    no cravings but went ryt off chinese near end off thomas pregnancy......wish i wasstill off thm lol x

  • Stacey says:
    lemons with ryan n laurie bacon frazzels n white wine with maddie

  • Louise says:
    greasy chips with lots of salt n vinegar.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Julie says:
    chips and rc cola for the first one,slurpees at 4 in the morning with the second ,pepsi with ice chips for the forth one and the last one butter tarts from 1st choice and cheesy chili buritoes from kfc for the last one

  • Kerrie says:
    ice and mentos lollies

  • Sheree says:

  • Manuela says:
    Anything that didn't have meat in it.

  • Katie says:
    I didn't have anything unusual. With Landon, it was popsicles. With Ava, it was double cheeseburger and a large coke from McDonald's.

  • Kim says:
    Potato Skins

  • AMY says:
    I craved Saurkraut

  • Anonymous says:
    first time anything fatty n lardy.....second time went off most food didnt really eat much.

  • Anonymous says:
    Banana and syrup on toast Mmmmmmmm Jam & Cheese Sarnies double Mmmmmm

  • kerriwhittle3 says:
    Fish and Chips with lots and lots of salt and vinegar on.

  • Jessica says:
    Nothing unusual really, I craved cereal and mexican food, I think thats why Tyler loves cereal now. He could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Carrie says:
    alik- cantalope and pickles ashlyn- chocolate covered peanuts

  • Tanya says:
    I craved Big Macs and slurpies the most.

  • charlene says:
    everything! orange lucozade, ice lollys and twirl dipped in banana yogurt mmmmm

  • Kirsty says:
    i ate maccas all the time, it was really the only thing that didnt make feel sick

  • Kelly says:
    I wanted icee all the time. It's fuuny now because now brent love icee and ice cream.

  • Allisen says:
    Pickles and cucumbers- chips and salsa- fruit salad- alot of fruits!

  • Kaitlyn says:
    Hot sauce

  • Eileen says:
    didnt have any cravings

  • nadine says:
    Jake was maccas chicken burgers. Zac was cheezels. Adelicia was anything salty.

  • Kim says:
    2minute noodles with tomato sauce

  • angie says:
    beginnin was spinach pasta, cupcakes towards end

  • Kristy says:
    i craved fried dim sims n frozen fantas from mcdonalds

  • Kasie says:
    pork sanger

  • jill says:
    pot noodles and crab sticks

  • karen says:

  • Brandi says:
    Pizza Tacos, Strangest was pop and candy bars... I don't ever do that.

  • Anonymous says:
    anything and everything i was an eating machine

  • Anonymous says:
    golf balls

  • Linzi says:
    Olives, olives and more olives.

  • Kristy says:
    umm paddle pops really early in the morning to get rid of the morning sickness

  • Dionne says:
    Ice. Roll and chips.

  • Pammi says:
    I loved milk roll bread and water by the gallon!! soda water too which I now hate!

  • Dana says:
    Went through lots of phases - I ate a lemon, went through an ice cream phase, ate about 20 stuffed olives in one go (I HATE OLIVES!!)

  • Janelouise says:
    wedges sour cream and sweet chilly

  • Cathy says:
    peanut butter cause i really dont like it

  • Sam says:
    I craved the smell of pine bog cleaner, and had a thing for sponges, i just needed to squeeze them all the time

  • Angela says:
    Never had any. I'm making some up next time.

  • Anne says:
    Tyler was olives, Keiran was PB&J sandwiches.

  • Anonymous says:
    KETCHUP on everything

  • Zoe says:

  • ShaRina says:
    unusual- coffee beans

  • Kara says:
    I craved sweets badly and it hasnt gone away yet

  • Jessica says:
    I craved fruit a lot

  • Megan says:
    sausage egg and cheese on an onion bagel... Every single day!

  • jade says:
    pinneapple samages had to have pinneapple everyday

  • Zigie says:
    Fairy Cakes

  • Michelle says:
    ate a big bar of caramel every night umm

  • Anonymous says:
    water lol, thats all i got a craving for

  • Anonymous says:
    salad with baked beans!!!

  • Jess says:
    hot chips was the worst, i could barely walk past the fisha dn chip sho without going inside

  • Anna says:
    Cherryade with Amelia and Ice with Brayden

  • Jenny says:
    anything fruity i guess!

  • Emma says:

  • Caitlin says:
    In the beginning, all I could eat was fruit and salad. Then towards the end I started craving sweets like chocolate and ice cream. The weirdest thing for me was Skittles because I'm not a huge fan but I wanted them a lot. Ryan made sure to have the movie theater size in the house at all times:)

  • Katie says:
    Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, the christmas cakes (which thankfully turned into valentines cakes too)! I craved coke. Which is odd, because up until I was preggo I was strictly a diet pepsi girl.

  • Kerri says:
    2% Milk. Before being pregnant it had to be skim all the way.

  • Katelyn says:
    Kit Kat was the only thing I craved which is strange because I really don't like chocolate.

  • Bailey says:
    Salad, pickles (but that isnt new) and grapefruit juice (pink)

  • Rebecca says:
    Most common was....snickers and baked potato. Most unusual.....you really don't want to know.

  • melissa says:
    sausages...( i dont like sausages at all!!) and raw carrot sticks!!

  • Kelly says:
    any type of ice cream bar/popcicle and strawberries!

  • Heather says:
    most common was fruit!! especially oranges, apples, and pineapple :)

  • Jamie says:
    Vincent - PB & J Sandwiches and Giant Eagle Grape pop Giana - Stuffing lol

  • Kelly says:
    I ate half a gallon of neopolitan ice cream a night and I could not get enough Taco Bell

  • Alisha says:
    I wanted SALT!!! I used to eat whole jars of pickles in one sitting! And I also begged people to go get me salted pretzels w/ cheese from the mall every day at work!!!

  • julieann says:
    chip shops chips with curry and then gravy over the top.

  • annette says:
    anything cold. and of course ice cream thank god where i worked sold ice cream sandwichs for 25 cent.

  • Vanessa says:
    I LOVED Big Mac's and pizza from Jans in Edmore. When I went to McD's I would order a #1 Large sized with a coke and a parfait, Jans I would order a small pizza (10") with ham mushroom and green peppers. And yes I ate ALL of it- remind you I gained 80#

  • Heather says:
    Pineapple and Snickers Bars... Yum.

  • Sadie says:
    Plain chips dipped in Miracle whip and ANYTHING with peanut butter and pickles!!!

  • Alicia says:
    I craved mexican food. the spicer the better.

  • Anonymous says:
    I didn't have a lot of cravings but I loved all fruit and near the end craved Wendy's frostys every single day. Sometimes twice a day.

  • Kelly says:
    tomatoes (weird, because i didn't like them before)

  • Anonymous says:
    mexican food!! and brownies

  • Shaina says:
    tator chips & dip and favorite thing was chicken..

  • beth says:
    anchovies n black olives

  • Stefanie says:
    Anything Mexican

  • chloe says:
    hungry jacks bacon deluxe burgers and nuggets and chips and gravy.. mum always said that Cristelle was going to be born with chips for arms and legs lol

  • Amy says:
    You know I loved Tootsie Rolls and Chinese and so does my son!

  • Katelyn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    All I wanted in the first trimester was pizza...I could have eaten pizza all day and some days I did! At the end I craved Chips Ahoy chewy cookies and Mint Milano cookies. I am suprised Brady didn't come out with a Pepperidge Farm stamp on his head.

  • Jessica says:
    With Adam...hot wings, anything spicey, orange anything, and beans. With Haley....hot wings, chcolate, and anything sweet.

  • Sally-ann says:
    KFC and Lollies

  • Erin says:
    Anna: Clementines. Couldn't get enough of them! Liam: S'mores!

  • Anonymous says:
    I didn't really have cravings! Cheesy tots and ice cream are what I ate the most.

  • Heidi says:
    Damien I wanted bread all the time! Dakota I wanted fruit

  • Krista says:
    w/Joey Twizzlers w/MJ Popcorn with extra butter w/Liam Gummy Bears

  • Nickie says:
    Hearty comfort food, cheeseburgers, fish & watermelon!!!

  • Cera says:
    Crushed ice and anything that didn't run away.

  • Nichole says:
    I was always craving chocolate.

  • Anonymous says:
    I didn't really have any cravings. I had some food aversions...like chicken, the thought of chicken and the taste of it was enough to make me gag. I also had a hard time choking down veggies. Weird...

  • Sarah says:
    none, although I ate more candy than usual...if that's possible. That, however, could have been due to the fact that I was teaching 5 different grade levels with no breaks and in desperate need of some energy!

  • Mandy says:
    Jayden= Sour Patch Kids / Moey= Tuna subs

  • Cari says:
    Crackers and cheese, salads and fruit

  • Erin says:
    anything fast food and greasy...mcdonalds, bk, pizza hut, arbys, etc

  • Kristen says:
    at first it was tomato soup and broccoli...then vegetarian burrito bowls ended it all.

  • Anonymous says:
    Fried Chicken was a big craving. Chocolate shakes was another big one too.

  • Christine says:
    pasta sauce,

  • Lorren says:
    LJ- ice cream from DQ with sprinkles- fruit Baby #2- nothing really depends on the day

  • Renee says:
    mlk..i drank 2 gallons in a wk easily

  • Shannon says:
    Totally wanted to eat so many things. One time with Tye a ate a turkey sandwich, a bowl of fruit loops, and Oreos at one sitting! With Ethan I couldn't even look at a salad ....weird.

  • Amanda says:
    Either I craved subway or fried food.

  • Becky says:
    I remember one night Matt was making fun of me because I literally had salt & vinegar chips right after I ate vanilla ice cream. I craved a lot of sweet & salty foods - which probably contributed to me gaining over 60lbs!

  • Antoinette says:
    Arby's was the most food i ate....unusual i use to eat cherries and cheese steak hoagies with Addison

  • Anonymous says:
    Spaghetti O's with Meat Balls, Lemon Blend, Kool-aid

  • Abigail says:
    Apples, Fruit, Toast with butter and raspberry jelly at 11pm, Pork sauerkraut and mashed potatoes once.

  • Anonymous says:
    I didn't have any cravings, I just had to eat every few hours for the first couple months or else I would get an upset stomach.

  • Anonymous says:
    Chinese food - yummm

  • Lara says:
    i craved mashed potatoes during the first trimester...

  • Jennifer says:
    hot food........., hot pepper, hot wings, hot sauce, Mexica food.

  • Ginny says:
    With Clarissa (oldest) Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes With Reanna dirt.

  • Kristine says:
    With Josh it was steak hoagies and cheese sticks, Riley fruit and salad went to eat n park every day also olives, Anthony was olives ate a jar almost everyday also used to dip hotdogs in icecream I know gross, and Grayden baked potatoes.

  • Amanda says:
    Light Italian Dressing, Pickles, anything salty really

  • Carly says:
    maccas sundaes and milkshakes

  • Kylie says:
    common craving was bubble o bill ice blocks and unusal was sugar out of the jar just eating it with a spoon lol

  • Courteney says:
    Fruit tingles n sweet things like magnums! i hate fruit tingles but couldnt get enough when pregnant i had like 10 packs in my hand bag at all times lol

  • Kellie says:
    Cereal..... hated gravy for the frst 12 wks......

  • Gemma says:
    niketa big macs trae cream and jam on toast

  • Natalie says:
    Mango and watermelon!

  • Sarah says:
    hungry jacks and kfc

  • sherriann louise says:
    1st one skettles n m&m peanuts n fruit.....2nd one weetbix....3rd one ceral.....

  • Kylie says:
    Chicken Ceasar Salads,

  • Allyssa says:
    chiko rolls... i have 2 everyday

  • Megan says:
    Bri - tortellini and cabonara sauce, chips n gravy Kealey - anything sweet, bbq chips n chockie milk

  • Kelly says:
    nothing ate normal

  • Clarissa says:
    hmm was really healthy in the beginning and then all i wanted was chicken nuggets and right at the end take away lol

  • Ange says:
    fruit mainly, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, grapes.

  • Krystel says:
    did not crave nothing with blake.. but with Jet i craved cocktail onions and ice..

  • Megan says:
    Most common food cravings were hot doughnuts, hot chips, garlic bread - all things BAD and mostly carbs. Unusual cravings were few and far between - had a craving one day to have a burger with beetroot. Another day had a craving for cheesecake.

  • Karen says:
    Had to be a toasted bagel with creamed corn on it

  • Janine says:
    chocolate and chicken chips (which I don't normally like)

  • Tahneil says:
    frozen cokes from maccas for heart burn lol

  • Nohblee says:
    baked beans on toast with axel. nothing really unusual, with bub im preg with now i have had heaps more, maltesers, fruit is most common (watermelon and rockmelon), white chocolate

  • Rachel says:

  • Jillian says:
    mia - KFC or red rooster chips , salad n water, rollups , mint ice cream lexie - hot chips steak sandwiches or mint ice cream n coke

  • Hayley says:
    The most common was water melon. The most unusual was plastic cheese, considering im lactose-intolerant & hate plastic cheese!!

  • Kayla says:
    I didnt have any cravings at all. although there was one day when all i wanted to eat was cheese and mango together.

  • Ashleigh says:
    Milk! I was drinking 2-3 litres of it a day. And pineapple with custard.

  • Sheena says:
    strawberry milk....eww

  • Jo says:
    lemons with salt

  • debbie says:
    banana milkshakes

  • Laurie says:
    Oranges! I couldn't get enough oranges

  • Paige says:
    with both I craved chinese food and didn't really have any unusual cravings

  • Joanna says:
    my cravings were mainly: pork (bacon especially), funfetti cupcakes, root beer, steamed green beans, milk, icees, and sugar candy (tootsie rolls, skittles, etc).

  • Kathleen says:
    rice bubbles,milk and sugar then smoothered in tomato sauce

  • Melissa says:
    chocolate, & hate meat....

  • Anonymous says:
    i didnt crave anything

  • Leanne says:
    pink lady apples eating 3 or 4 a day

  • Krichelle says:
    War heads and sour worms

  • Stephanie says:
    Cereal. Morning, noon, and night. I had about 3-4 bowls daily.

  • Leanne says:
    Chocolate poptarts. Buffalo sauce!

  • Katrina says:
    Any thing sweet with both of them.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Colleen says:
    For the first six months I craved NOTHING but to stop puking!

  • Nyssa says:
    peanut butter, nothing unusual

  • Christie says:
    anything strawbery flavoured or strawberries them self and bananas

  • Marla says:
    I think I had corned beef sandwiches almost every day that I was pregnant with Kyle.

  • Carmen says:
    loads n loads of fruit n even more ice cubes.... & plenty of custard tarts

  • Anonymous says:

  • Rangi says:
    fruit salad

  • Kelli says:
    paddle pops

  • Leah says:
    le snacks

  • Katey says:

  • sarah says:
    cucumber dipped in peanut butter, orange juice

  • DORIANNE says:
    Didn't really have cravings... But sure did like strawberries alot!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Kim says:
    Anything peppermint !

  • Melissa says:

  • Anonymous says:

  • Alenka says:

  • Michelle says:

  • Skye says:
    Nothing unusual - mainly fruit!

  • Melissa says:
    I had no cravings at all with Lewis but with Bella i had a small Oak chocolate milk and a Grices Sausage roll every day!

  • emily says:
    tooth past?.... I know right!!

  • Jenn says:
    buffalo wings

  • Alex says:
    Ice, and potatos and with Ethen i really craved satay food

  • Amanda says:
    Most common was cereal, and unusual was chicken wings because I have always hated them my whole life.

  • Michelle says:
    I actually had less food cravings then than I do normally

  • kelly says:
    Mcdonalds pancakes. I just couldnt pass my a mcdonalds without getting some. Also the spicier the better for other foods.

  • Amanda says:
    Micky D's eww right..

  • Autumn says:
    Ice cream and Big Fat Juicy Dill Pickels....BUT not at the same time .... thats sorta weird cause I really dont like ice cream very much.

  • Diane says:
    Savannah it was subway sanwhiches, and Isaac it was pickles for a while, then sqeeze cheese on celery for a while, then it was nacho's toward the end.

  • Kim says:
    didnt crave anything just needed food as soon as i was hungry, so i carried snack packs of dried fruit n nuts around...otherwise i felt sick

  • Misty says:
    cold cereal

  • alazae456 says:
    I love some Famous Taco and anything spicy :)

  • Chantelle says:
    chicken kebabs with extra extra garlic sauce,chocies and coke

  • Bridie says:
    I craved fresh whipped cream and thick fruit juice

  • MELISSA says:

  • MELANIE says:
    with the 2 girls any sweet things, with my little man salty and spicy things oh and cheeseburgers

  • Charity says:
    Tacos with Alex and Nachos and a big gulp from 7eleven

  • Lea-Anne says:

  • Krystal says:
    ice lol i wanted ice all the time. went through a bag every 3days

  • Kaleena says:
    nothing in specific...just everything in site

  • Kim says:

  • Mel says:
    salt and vingaer chips with strawberry milk

  • Mary says:
    didn't have anything specific...i just wanted to eat everything..lol

  • Anonymous says:
    with adrian it was crab legs this time its ceasar salads

  • Nikki says:
    I drank the pickle juice when the jar was empty... Bread & Butter kind... I can't believe I did that.

  • Ewa says:
    with Josh i craved Watermelon - lots and lots of it!! with Mia it was grapes and strawberries.

  • Sandy-Lea says:
    Umm nothing too surious, just strawberry smoothies from Wendys.

  • Alana says:
    um lots of everythin

  • Sarell says:
    Peach, peach juice. I loved fruit!

  • Anonymous says:
    First time. Anything with Chilli Second time. Slurpee from 7-11

  • Tomika says:
    Tom made tea taste like fish so it was like the opposite to a craving. With Wil I drank so much coke. & Grace all I wanted was instant noodles & tuna mornay.

  • Kariska says:
    Peppersteak pie

  • Anonymous says:
    kfc chicken

  • Leandri says:
    Dylan: Dros' Chedda Melt Steak Cobus: Calamari

  • kristyn says:
    tahlia- avocado and red icys rowan- spring rolls

  • Maryanne says:
    frozen cokes from maccas

  • Anonymous says:
    icecream with bacon chips

  • jessica says:
    vegemite on toast with avocado on top!

  • Teremoana says:
    NO cravings

  • Michelle says:
    1st pregnancy meat pies for 3 months straight and coke from a glass bottle.2nd pregnancy none I was to sick to want to eat

  • Anonymous says:

  • Elaine says:

  • Kieren says:
    TALIAH - Apple juice and smarties TYLER - T-bone steaks with mushie sauce from Catho kitchen BLAKE - Nothin really unusual, chocolate n icecream

  • Erika says:
    Pineapple with cheese and fanta.

  • megan says:
    red apples were the only thing i craved.

  • Eloise says:
    Met my eerste kind het ek baie komkommer en tamatie op whole wheet broodtjies met baie mayonnaise ge-crave Met die 2de kind nie juis cavings gehad nie

  • Hailey says:
    Food in general after vomitting for the first 20weeks

  • Erica says:
    Salt and vinegar chips with Frank's red hot.

  • Kim says:
    Cheesecake and milk

  • Danielle says:
    Mango's, watermelon, & potato's. But not all together

  • Courtney says:
    Pop Tarts

  • Amber-Rashel says:
    Green beans I would stand at the stove and eat the whole pot.

  • Leah says:
    Tomato and sour cream... Together

  • Anonymous says:
    Strawberry Milkshakes!

  • Adriana says:
    honey soothers haha

  • Deborah says:
    Crab Legs and Hot fudge Sundes!

  • Naomi says:
    Pavlova and gerkins

  • Sunara says:
    Toasted tomato & cheese, done under griller. Ice cream, any :)

  • Jessica says:
    Peppermints by the packet or salt and vinegar chips with a glass of milk with Jasper, this time cheezles.

  • Emmy says:
    locky-mash potato covered in tomato sauce & bbq chips Bianca- mash potato with gravy

  • ruth says:
    last pregnancy was pickles and mango (together) this time i am still early and not having any yet

  • Suzi says:

  • Jessie says:
    Ice, Ice and Ice

  • Phoebe says:
    i always craved nethin wif mustard n mayonaise!!! if it didnt hav it on it wat i was eatin i smothered it on!!

  • Susan says:
    heaven, crumbed chicken legs and soft boiled egg, saphyre and amathyet was anything cemical i loved the smell, tait was mcdonalds clasic crispy chicken burgers

  • Lilly says:
    greek salad and cabonara pasta, watermelon and plums.

  • Jenna says:
    I craved pickles, yogurt and cereal.

  • Pam says:

  • Lucy says:
    apspargus and chees toasted sandwiches

  • Rebecca says:
    Vegemite on toast for most of my 1st trimester with all of them.

  • Breanna says:
    With Eli, I was always craving grilled cheese sandiwches with homemade strawberry jam. With Nathaniel, I craved Famous Bowls in the beginning, cold fruit in the middle months, and chocolate at the end.

  • Racquel says:
    i mostly craved fruit, sweets, and ice

  • jade says:
    ice blocks, and at first cucumber

  • Tabitha says:
    Gianna- radishes with mustard and strawberry milkshakes from Carl's Jr. Luca- Peanut Butter and Jelly, Spaghetti, Hot Dogs,

  • Audrey says:
    LOL.lizzards, which helped contribute to the 80 lbs

  • Mallory says:
    Pizza, cereal, and easy mac!

  • Amanda says:
    It was weird... I stopped liking things that I had liked for a long time and started liking others. With Ethan, I stopped liking Ranch dressing and started liking mustard. With Olivia I stopped liking Miracle Whip and mustard. I craved soft serve ice cream and pickles with all the kids.

  • Charlie says:
    I had alot of rootbeer floats. Other than that i didnt crave anything.

  • Anonymous says:
    Jeffrey-chicken nuggets and mac n cheese Riley-anything and everything Jacob-mushrooms (which still is strange since i hated them) Rebekah-smoothies

  • Jessica says:
    I don't really remember having any.

  • Elizabeth says:
    w/E: Anything with marinara...but especially pizza. w/G: Potatoes, but mostly fried potatoes (which doesn't like me b/c of grease)

  • Rani-lee says:
    Twisties mostly and coke

  • Crystal says:
    Apple Turnovers

  • May~Fleur says:
    Hmmm don't really think i had cravings as such..... Oh wait Banana and kiwi fruit

  • cathy says:
    i craved for twisties and carmel milkshakes

  • Amanda says:
    doughtnuts and vanilla coke lol

  • Fathead says:
    i only craved chocolate and maccas pancakes and fish

  • Betty says:
    ice-cream and gerkins.

  • Raylene says:
    Crystal .... anything sweet ie Apple Turnovers Lauren .... anything sour ie Fried tomatoes & onions with bbq sauce Lyndon .... was seafood ie fish and I dont like fish

  • Alicia says:
    orange juice

  • Kristie-lee says:
    i coulnt stand the smell of chicken and i love my chicken

  • Nicole says:
    Potato scallops.... Loved them and still do lol.

  • Sherona says:
    coke and crushed ice

  • angela says:
    i did not get any

  • Anji says:
    didnt have ne unusual that i can think of

  • katrina says:
    i never got food cravings, im pregnant again now and dont get cravings lol im not normal

  • Brittany says:
    Red Rooster rooster rolls

  • Toni says:
    hmm does water count?? i drank enough to fill the ocean always had a bottle under my arm the whole way through my pregnancy but other than that nope didnt get any food cravings at all

  • Belinda says:
    Eating potatoes and cadbury creme eggs

  • Alysha says:
    salt n vinger chips

  • Michelle says:
    Didnt have one, couldnt keep anything down

  • Samantha says:
    With all my pregnancies i had to eat ice, I couldnt drink water so i just craved ice

  • TANYA says:
    I couldn't get enough milk... and I HATE milk!

  • emma says:
    all i wanted was muscles lol i lov them i ate a whole jar of them b4 i knew i was pregnant thats how i knew lol xx

  • cassandra says:
    didnt have cravings like anything really

  • Karen says:
    hawaiin pizza!! i dont eat pineapple so waay weird

  • Holly says:
    couln't get enough fruit! and anything dairy, yogurt, milk, ect....

  • Amanda says:
    mandarins with my daughter- i dont like fruit and chocolate with my son

  • Belinda says:
    DR PEPPER - I always know I'm pregnant if I desperately crave Dr Pepper's. Chicken Kebab's from the Lebenese shop at Red Hill & Butter Chicken.

  • Veronica says:
    1. Slush puppies, fruit and golden gaytimes 2. Can't remember 3. Garlic 4. Nothing UNTIL I got GD and then everything i couldn't have...lol

  • Christie says:
    with tash it was chocolate also chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate sundae. with memphis it was chocolate and banana milk

  • samantha says:
    with Kaylee chocolate and orange juice with the current pregnancy i dont really have cravings i just get hungry lmao

  • Ashleigh says:
    kfc mashed potato nd gravy and chips

  • Nicole says:

  • Anonymous says:
    I ate cole slaw and potato salad a lot while pregnant and I'd never eaten either of those things prior to pregnancy. Most unusual was this weird stage in early pregnancy where I wanted a pudding cup every day. I bought them in bulk!

  • Kiera says:
    Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich

  • Brittany says:
    Ice cream

  • Karina says:
    Lemon french fancies, macdonalds & fanta

  • Blaire says:
    hot chips an gravy

  • Andy says:
    I craved smells...mostly new car smell. Also included smell of tennis balls, hot water bottles...

  • Jessica says:
    with my first pregnancy it was chicken and icecream. and with my second it was battered fish and gravy

  • Fiona says:
    This time Coke, Kit Kats and again apples Harrisson was apples and ice

  • Caitlin says:
    had to have chocolate milk everyday and had tomatoe sauce on almost everything

  • Jo says:
    didnt really get any weird ones with this baby

  • Andrea says:
    A&W Rootbeer, I don't really like rootbeer until then.

  • Julie says:
    Tomatoes... Anything tomato.

  • Samantha says:
    Olivia - apple juice Daniel - fresh pineapples

  • katie says:
    sweet chilly tuna on crackers and lotsa chocolate

  • Joy says:
    Umm...I liked the sour gummy worms and homemade macaroni and cheese.

  • carlie says:
    meat, but at the end of the pregnency craving chocolate

  • Adina says:
    Sponge cake. And pancakes ahaha. And i went through a stage of frying everything in the deep fat fryer.. slices of bread etc.. And i craved the smell of bleach.

  • Sharon says:
    french fries from macdonalds that was it

  • Heather says:
    umm...garlic bread and dolly mixtures haha!

  • Kelly Louise says:
    i craved everything, anything i could eat.

  • stacey says:
    erm angel slices

  • Teegan says:
    Zakk - BBQ chicken from Chicken Treat Emily - BBG chips

  • kira says:
    chocolate sundaes from macdonalds

  • Naomi says:
    breast chicken from chicken treat,tropical fruit juice box,seedless grapes

  • Eileen says:
    milo on sandwiches

  • Anonymous says:
    Taco Bell. Always Taco Bell!

  • Elisha says:
    chicken, memmee noodle's and popcorn

  • Anonymous says:

  • Melissa says:
    coke and marshmellows couldnt get enough

  • Amanda says:
    First pregnancy was milk and steak. Second, there were no unusual or even noteworthy cravings.

  • Heather says:
    With Kaylie I could not get enough spaghetti, with Jenna it was Lay's potato chips, and with Mallory it was chips & salsa

  • Heather says:
    I craved different things on different days...Didn't really have one craving through the whole thing..I guess my worst one was with Chase I could not put enough salt on things!!!

  • Amanda says:
    Ice Cubes & Macintosh Apples- I have NO clue why!

  • Latoya says:
    i ate the same as i did when i wasn't pregnant

  • Jennifer says:
    Strawberries with Cassandra and Banana Splits With Khrystian

  • Andrea says:
    Cearra..Tomatoes and sour cream...together!! Noah..Mexican Austin..Kettle Popcorn :)

  • Candy says:
    Hayley:Nothing for the first 4 months, then it wa Pizza and Mac n Cheese. Brookie: Grapes

  • Sherrie-leah says:
    chocolate, fizzy drink, chocolate and mcdonalds cheesburgers

  • Krissy says:
    Tomatos filled with french dressing. Gerkhins from maccas cheese burgers, ice

  • Angie says:
    With Nick, it was sweettarts and sweet relish, Gunnar it was egg nog, salad and IHOP Belgin Waffles with strawberries, and Blake it was anything spicy.

  • Quemella says:
    Anything salty includng pickles doused in salt, Mexiacan food, Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet, Haagen Daaz lemon and raspberry sorbet, Minute Maid icees (lemon, cherry limeade and pink lemonade) peanut butter toast and cheese eggs

  • Amy says:
    I craved Ceasar salads, and couldn't stand to even smell meat.

  • Katie says:
    Anything that didnt make me nauseous at the sight of it!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Hannah says:
    I had to have ice in all my drinks. Specifically ice water

  • Jaime says:
    laffy taffy

  • Sharon says:
    cheeseburgers were my fav!

  • Sheila says:
    With Jameson , Cold Can or Bottle Sprite -- With Sydnie Extra Creamy Chocolate Nuggets w/Toffee and Almonds. About 1/2 bag a day

  • Amber says:
    Didnt really have any until my last month. I wanted everything.

  • Jessica says:
    I didn't crave anything unusual with either pregnancies. I just always wanted chinese food, greens, any type of fruit, or ICE CREAM!

  • Leah says:
    jello with a ton of bacon bits in it

  • Faye says:
    when preggers with Lucy I was OBSESSED with crunching ice. I would get thru 3 trays a day, oo it was lovely! no cravings with Cameron..just food in general!

  • gemma says:
    jacket potatoe and cucumber

  • Kimmie says:
    I craved lot of things from big mac's to carmello bars.

  • Michaela says:
    I didn't have cravings for any particular foods.

  • Dana says:
    big macs, Panera bread and jimmy johns, And towards the end i wanted pumpkin pie.

  • NATALIE says:
    Chocolate milk

  • Jessica says:
    Nathan - watermelon, hot dogs (which I hadn't eaten in like 10 years) Kat - peaches

  • Anonymous says:
    pickles and popcycles both pregnancy's

  • Jenn says:
    Hmm, with Josie it was all about ice cream and milk shakes, which would explain the 60 pounds I gained! With Ethan, I didn't really have cravings but had a lot of foods I wouldn't eat, like kielbasa, stuffed peppers, and hated the smell of microwave popcorn. With Jianna would have to go with quiche, mmm, love it.

  • caroline says:
    fizzy pop and mushrooms nothing weird

  • Melanie says:
    I craved horseradish, rootbeer, and strawberry milk with Max. With Wes, I ate Chef Boyardee ravioli for breakfast. In general, with both pregnancies, I craved watermelon,lots of it!!

  • stacey says:

  • kari says:

  • jennifer says:
    caleb- anything from DQ, and mild wing sauce!! but not together!! mackenzie-anything from DQ... and steaks with mushroom and onions

  • Cherelle says:
    Sheetz hotdogs w/ cheese saurkrut,cooked onionsand Ketchup. Middlesworth Bar-B-Q chip and Code Red...Yes Heartburn city!

  • Jennifer says:
    banana peppers

  • April says:
    pickles with Jayna, but I love them anyway spicy food with Kaylee

  • Keira says:
    Twizzlers (I worked nights then, Michelle Terry always hooked me up), Texas dogs from the Twin Kiss (the girls actually new my order before I ordered). I don't remember craving anything odd.

  • Cassie says:
    big macs.....any kind of food with the 2nd one

  • Alysha says:

  • Brenda says:
    Buffalo Chicken

  • Ashley says:
    Hmmm Almost everything lol..

  • Heather says:

  • Joanne says:
    With kayci - it was food but mainly popcorn and with lexi it was tip tops..

  • Jody says:
    Pickles.. I ate a jar of pickles a night..ha..

  • Heather says:
    popcorn, hot dogs

  • kalie says:
    Chocolate... and Ice cream (I never liked ice cream not pregnant)

  • Amy says:
    the only thing i had a craving for is Dr. Pepper

  • Sarah says:
    NIcholas-ice Jaidyn-nothing really

  • Adair says:
    Vanilla milkshakes from Burger King

  • Anonymous says:
    Never had any cravings!

  • Heather says:
    probably grapefruit

  • Mikayla says:
    big macs, mcflurries and ice

  • Tiffany says:
    Icecream...anything sweet really.

  • Rachel says:
    Broccoli, brussel sprouts, vinegar, gummi bears and pumpkin pie.

  • Mariko says:
    Crave for porridge, chocolates, pizza, fruits! Unusual craving.. Some vegetable, and spicy thingy.

  • Karmen says:
    nothing but fruits & vegetables

  • margaret says:
    italian dressing,powdered donuts

  • Ali says:
    Salad and the unusual craving was pickles and ice cream.

  • Crystal says:
    Taco Bell with my first child and Bojangles with my second.

  • Amber says:
    Breakfast from Trolley Car with both pregnancies

  • Heather says:
    dont think i had any

  • Linda says:
    ice cream

  • Rachel says:
    cinnomen toast crunch

  • Holly says:
    Strawberry-Banana Milkshakes

  • judi says:
    didnt have any craving

  • Brieann says:
    With #1-- Nutty bars & rootbeer With #2 Chicken nuggets from Mc D's and with # 3 Orange chicken and white rice

  • ondria says:
    bananas and peanut butter, and whoppers

  • Anonymous says:
    i craved everything!

  • Kimberly says:
    for Jenna it was watermellon, in the winter!! For Jaymie it was spinach, had to have it all the time, now I do not even eat it...

  • Cheryl says:
    Stefanie-sliced cucumbers and blue cheese dressing; Eric -HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts

  • Kelli says:
    oreos and milk, meatloaf, and ice cream

  • Laura says:
    Nothing too crazy, just grape juice

  • Linda says:
    1st- Sour candy & hot/spicy food 2nd- Citrus fruits 3rd- Hot sauce

  • Sandra says:
    1st~Steak and cheese footlongs from Subway 2nd~Raw veggies and ranch dip and pickles 3rd~Raw green onions , Lima beans and lots and lots of glazed doughnuts....lol.

  • Hayley says:
    Coke,Coke,Coke! I did go for raw mince at 1 stage!!

  • Anonymous says:
    raw mushrooms n carrots

  • Erin says:
    PEANUT BUTTER! Before I found out I told Pat that I wanted to eat a fried chicken leg dipped in ice cream!

  • Rebecca says:
    KFC Mashies, Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Topping

  • Christina says:
    Mexican food, and Greek food.

  • Kimberley says:
    Chips and gravy

  • Tiffany says:
    nothing unusual just salty stuff

  • Cathy says:
    i only had one real craving and that was with my first, Jessica, and it was for ice - how weird i know but at least it couldn't make me fat lol

  • Heather says:

  • Crystal says:
    pizza, tomato soup, fruit...anything pretty much except NO meat!!!!!

  • Tasha says:
    Ice chips

  • Stefanie says:
    I loved Mexican before I was pregnant and even more while I was pregnant.

  • Michelle says:
    buttered toast!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Strawberries soy milk shakes.

  • elizabeth says:
    Wendy's Frosty

  • Anonymous says:
    Jada-cheese, and salads that had to come from golden corral Bella-Chick-fil-a and pickels

  • Rachel says:
    mac and cheese

  • Jennifer says:
    Moe's Burrito's (HomeWrecker with Chicken)

  • Jill says:
    ??? I didn't have any

  • Laura says:
    I wanted cake a lot, which is uncommon because I've never been a big cake person. And the Ben & Jerry's flavor Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream.

  • mary says:
    chocolate milk and orange juice, i also really wanted orange ice cream.

  • Linda says:

  • Crystal says:
    I didn't really have any cravings.

  • Lesley says:
    Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and milk

  • Diane says:
    Alexis-turkey sandwiches Ava - Apples and chocolate Baby-to-be - apples

  • sara says:
    Aiden I only craved smoothies, this one nothing.

  • Kristen says:
    I didn't have any cravings.

  • sue says:
    I did not have any food cravings

  • Patricia says:
    salt and vinegar potato chips and steak & cheese subs

  • Patty says:
    I can't remember but think ice cream with all 3

  • Anonymous says:
    watermelon, home grown tomatoes and cottage cheese... both times

  • Joanne says:
    No real cravings

  • Jennifer says:
    Cranberry juice, cheese hot dogs, Lucky Charms, Fried Chicken.

  • Krista says:
    Nothing to crazy. I went through stages. Steak was first then salad and fruit, cereal was next and sweets were the last.

  • Lynda says:
    Never really had cravings...was toooooo sick to stomach anything =(

  • jessica says:
    i wanted hot sauce it didn't matter what i was eating it needed hot sauce!! :)

  • Kimberly says:
    I experienced morning sickness most of my pregnancy so did not have any cravings.

  • Nina says:
    Chipotle (Mexican) and Dunkin Donuts (Iced Decaf Coffee)

  • Tiffany says:
    Preg. #1 Bannan creame cakes.Preg#2 Cheese sticksPreg. #3 Hot anythingPreg#4 Salt and vinegar chips

  • Shannon says:
    I wanted pineappple... i would have ate it on anything put in front of me... lol

  • Adele says:

  • Karen says:
    Hot wings and hot dogs

  • Jacqueline says:
    I didn't have any unusual cravings I just ate everything!

  • Karen says:
    how about aversion to food in general.

  • Destini says:
    my first pregnancy was fruit. My second prenancy was pickles and fruit.

  • Laurie says:
    Nothing unusual. The only thing that happened was me developing a sweet tooth....and it never went away :( I ate A LOT of donuts...and towards the end I would crunch up granola bars and put them in my vanilla ice cream...haven't had it since!

  • Ashley says:
    watermelon and all fruit

  • Holly says:
    Had no cravings with Grayson. But I was disgusted by bacon and peanut butter.

  • Lauren says:
    Anything sweet and Sunkist.

  • Anonymous says:
    Katie- LOTS of orange juice! Morgan- ice cream..... mmm......

  • Rebecca says:
    With L.J. generally craved salty & spicy foods, but I had this one craving for popsicles one night and John refused to go get me some ... he will never live that one down :) With Bailey it was whatever I could keep down for the first 16ish weeks then all sweets. With Olivia it is more aversions to certain foods, e.g. I couldn't stand chicken.

  • tisha says:
    doritos, vanilla swiss almond ice cream, and pickles

  • Melinda says:
    pickles but thats even when im not preggo and salad...jerky and twix!

  • Cathie says:
    I had to have fizzy juice constantly with James , Amy was egg mayo and I have not touchued the stuff since having her lol

  • Erica says:
    Gravy and French Fries for like the first 6 months was all I wanted to eat... everything else made me gag.

  • elizabeth says:
    gary-smoked sausage and pickles chloe-irn bru and creamy ice-cream

  • Anonymous says:
    peanut butter with Erin and with Hannah... just food in general i think..

  • donna says:
    caitlin none, calum milkshake and ice lollies and ruairidh chocolate.

  • danielle says:
    anything with hot sauce, and i loved lima beans...

  • Alese says:

  • Jenny says:
    1st time: Liked juices, but nothing in particular 2nd time: Savoury

  • Gail says:
    chillies..... cheese and beetroot pieces

  • Andy says:
    It stared out with mayo on things - thats what made me wonder, and then it was a lot of cheese, and anything vinegary, like tomato sauce.

  • jamie says:
    banana split

  • Beryl says:
    Cheese triangles and chips with vinegar - I hate vinegar !!!

  • Penny says:
    Pepperoni pizza and Peppermint ice cream, though not at the same time

  • Natasha says:
    When I was pregnant with Jacob I loved drinking hot water.

  • Amy says:
    mcdonalds 24/7 couldn't get enough of it

  • Charlena says:
    pizza and canned pears

  • Natasha says:
    My food cravings were basically three things, cheese and vegemite on toast, strawberries and my all time favourite chicken and vegetable pies. Not all at once mind you.

  • lisa says:
    rich tea biscuits mushed up with warm milk, and rith ryan the smell of green flash

  • Caprice says:
    No cravings surprisingly!

  • Darleen says:

  • shaunna-lee says:
    most common for me was my hubbies spicy indian cooking

  • Kasey says:
    chocolate paddle pops, wizz fizz, fizzers, and tuna :P

  • corinna says:
    common was chocolate milk

  • Jackie says:

  • Britini says:
    well it wasn't unusual but i ate pizza like everyday followed by a bottle of tums....

  • maygan says:
    all 4 was pizza an chocolate

  • Lisa says:
    Taiyler- 5th avenue bars and hot wings Mason- nothing really Christopher- Manderine Oranges Derik- anything chocolate

  • Monique says:
    I craved fresh fruit with Jaleesa and Aidan it was mustard lol and Ashon hot sauce and vanilla ice cream with snickers cut up in it

  • Danielle says:
    no cravings, just ordered un godly amounts of food thinking i could eat it all.. took two bites & i was stuffed..

  • Lynette says:
    Chicken Noodle Soup with Lays potato chips!! In the soup, not on the side.lol and Bamboo Garden

  • laura says:
    alexis and madison: slim jims and candy, Caitlynn: many

  • T says:
    plain rice with soy sauce

  • Lynette says:
    Pizza and broccoli with Jake and this time chocolate

  • Samantha says:
    chocolate everything-chocolate ice cream, chocolate shakes, like I said everything chocolate.plus otheres

  • Christiane says:
    tyler.. beef jerky and flaming hot cheetos. madison.. subway!

  • Ashey says:
    Chineese and Ice Cream

  • ciji says:
    potatoes with both

  • Jen says:
    With Damion, french frys. With Dalton, salad.

  • Anonymous says:
    shaggy dogs with Nicholas, anything with sauce with Kyle

  • Sheela says:
    Colby- Big Macs.. Landen-pickles

  • Heather says:
    green beans

  • Elizabeth says:
    i liked everythig

  • Rachel says:

  • Kimberly says:
    Pickles and cream filled cup cakes

  • sherie says:

  • Danielle says:
    until i was about 1o weeks pregnant it was fish fingers and peas then chocolate croissants and sweets

  • Beth says:
    Um, my cravings came in week-month intervals. I wanted chocolate, ice cream, buffalo chicken, tacos, reubens... um... :)

  • Danielle says:
    I really didn't crave anything...towards the end, I had to have a hot fudge sundae....

  • Lena says:
    Garlic bread and chocolate milk. or eating a whole jar of pickles in one sitting AND drinking the juice!

  • Jennifer says:
    chocolate...and peppermint after every meal...

  • Adrienne says:
    dill pickles with milk, and macsauce

  • Tara says:
    Salads and Burritos

  • Kristen says:
    Baby 1: Tomato soup and grilled cheese, pastas, stir-fry, juicy juice Baby 2: Fresh fruits and veggies, salty foods, chocolate covered pretzels

  • Nicole says:
    Fruit, orange juice which I couldn't drink because it made me sick. and Paesano's hoagies

  • Beth Ann says:

  • Diane says:
    Nothing more than the usual ice cream, salty foods, oh and wendy's bacon cheeseburgers, chili, and fries wih cheese sauce

  • Laura says:
    I craved ice cream and bananas...

  • Kaiti says:
    teh whole time i craved mac n cheese, chicken wings, and ramen noodles

  • Becky says:
    Pickles, olives and mcdonalds.

  • Stephanie says:
    I didn't really have any, but I craved Ice

  • Kristin says:
    Didn't really have a craving...just ate too much of everything!

  • Nicolle says:
    really did not have any cravings

  • Adele says:
    Cheese Doodles had to be in the house at ALL times.

  • Wendy says:
    I didn't have any cravings.

  • Rhonda says:
    Pepsi in large quantities with Alana .. Anything SPICY with Evan .. Buffalo, HOT HOT spicy!

  • Lindsay says:
    Nicholas-nothing Ty-Wendy's fish sandwiches.

  • Amy says:
    Since I was huge during the summer ice cream was a must have almost every night...

  • Cassandra says:
    I craved Coke!

  • Zoe says:
    choc billabongs

  • Ashley says:
    Peanut Butter. The most unusual part was that I wanted to put P.B. on my egg sandwich!!

  • Courtney says:
    Orange Juice.

  • Ashley says:
    candy till i found out i was diabetic, and milk by the gallon!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Jamie says:
    onions pop and garlic.. i hate them any other time though

  • Christa says:
    I didn't have any craving's but told Jeff I craved custard filled donuts because I love them and he wanted me to eat healthy so I got them every Sunday while Pregnant with Jo

  • Lindsey says:
    Always wanted Green Tea and fruit.

  • Jamie says:
    Most Common- Pizza, any way shape or form, loved it! Unusual- BBQ Sauce on Everything, could not get enough of the stuff!

  • Nichole says:
    pickles & Chocolate ice cream (not really)...didn't really have one. refrigerated peanut butter cups i guess

  • Patricia says:
    Ben and Jerrry's Oatmeal cookie ice cream and hot wings...together.

  • Jill says:
    Humus, still not sure why.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Dana says:
    Pepperoni pizza and Chocolate milk

  • Madeleine says:
    no craving, just wanted to eat alot all the time!

  • jazmin says:
    oranges, chicken nuggets, slurpees..

  • Shari says:
    salami 2 begin with, chocolate milk in the middle, chinese at the end

  • angela says:
    fish sandwiches from burger king and strawberry icecream lol

  • Sarah says:
    Most common yoo-hoo most unusual I dunno??

  • jennie says:

  • kathryn says:
    mac donalds, (now hard to loose the extra weight lol that wasnt baby just the junk that i ate)

  • Robin says:
    Hard Boiled eggs

  • ANGELA says:
    butterscotch milkshake

  • danielle says:
    all the way through my pregnancy i craved soda water and at the start i craved lemons and then for the rest tim tams to.

  • Renee says:

  • Stephanie says:
    Wendy's french fries. I haven't been a big french fry person since I was little. I got a bit out of control. I figured it was ok since it was one of the few things that didn't make me puke.

  • Lynn says:
    Potatoes. All kinds, all the time.

  • Tina says:
    For the 1st 5 months, plain cheeseburgers from McDonalds. Was losing weight instead of gaining.

  • jessica says:
    1. jalepenos 2. nothing really 3. sesame chicken 4. marzipan

  • Rebecca says:
    mint chocolat chip ice cream, green, from Valley Dairy

  • Jeanne says:
    broccoli with butter and easy cheese with wheat thins with Faith, chocolate anything chocolate with Shawn

  • RaBecca Cornuet says:
    seth-oreo icecream and arbys. belle- picles, cheese and chips... together and lil debbie cakes alyssa- pb and j

  • Sandy says:
    dim sims with tar tare sauce oh and cookies and cream mcflurries

  • Kayleen says:
    oreo ice cream!

  • Katrina says:

  • melanie says:
    Couldn't eat for most of the pregnancy, but could keep Coke down.

  • Lori says:
    most common....pizza

  • Erica says:
    Ice cream with both, fountain Pepsi with Hunter and fruit with Justice

  • Celeste says:
    nachos from 7 11 and any kind of cake

  • Melissa says:
    Spicy foods...hot wings, spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. And candy.

  • Amy says:
    Pineapples and cheerios

  • Kellie says:
    Dominique- candy, I had blow pops and starburst next to my bed. EJ- Spicy food, then milk to get rid of the heart-burn Aaron- Any food, I had to eat every hour in order to keep from getting nausea the whole first trimester.

  • amy says:
    With Alyssia I was sooo sick I couldnt even eat crackers, with David I craved the Gibbles Red Hots and with Makayle it was fruit.

  • Jessika says:
    the biggest one was ice- thanks anemia. other then that i had to have one dr. pepper,out of the can, poured over ice- with a fun size kit kat every day. but only one.lol

  • Heather says:
    I always craved KFC mashed potatoes and Arbys mozzarella sticks

  • Heidi says:
    I craved chocolate but that is no different than any other day...hee haw. I wanted tuna melts from Subway but of course had to limit how much tuna I ate. I was so sick for the first 1/2 of my pregnancy that I really did not want anything to eat.

  • jennifer lynn says:
    i wanted candy and tasty cakes...i never eat that crap!

  • Claire says:
    White chocolate, fruit corners and cherryade with my 1st and mashed potatoes with my second one, with my 3rd it was peanut butter which I couldn't really eat :(

  • Katelyn says:
    Choc Milk

  • Starr says:
    Nick: Salsa, Tabasco Dill Pickles Isabella: Pasta and anything sweet

  • Starr says:
    I loooooved ice!!!

  • katie says:
    paris : mint chocolate chip ice cream danny:sweets

  • April says:
    I didnt have many cravings but I did eat what my mom ate with me which was ritz cracker with smoked oyster cream cheese and a green olive.

  • Stephanie says:
    Ummm1st and 2nd trimester i had evening sickness but ate cinnimon toast crunch cereal! Then carved french fries with mayo and frosty from wendys

  • Dara says:
    Most unusual was green beans... constantly and this was odd bc normally, I don't care for them at all!

  • Erica says:
    I craved salad bars, snickers ice cream bars and oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches!

  • Arlene says:
    Coltin- Milk and salads Darion- Milk

  • krystal says:
    strawberries and whipped cream

  • Gina says:
    Nothing...everything made me sick!!

  • Amy says:
    autumn - was taco salads from taco bell Jayden was just about anything .... especially veggies !

  • Dana says:
    sugar - cndy, cake, etc.

  • Kerry says:
    Didn't really have any weird ones was addictedto chicken tikka wraps and went through a phase of eating EVERYTHING with cheese sauce lol.

  • Billie Jo says:
    With TJ Salad with extra,extra Ranchdressing , with Luke it was burnt hot dogs on the grill (in the middle of February) and vanilla pudding

  • Mandy says:
    ranch dressing, sour cream

  • Anonymous says:
    Cream Cheese and dill pickles on bagels

  • Suzanne says:
    Mcdonald's cheeseburgers and anything really spicy. We thought he would come out with flaming red hair!

  • Amanda says:
    seafood... bc I hated it prior to becoming preggers

  • Anna says:
    baked potatoes with butter and sour cream

  • Carissa says:
    With Aisha I craved mash potato with lemon juice.. that had to be the weirdest by far!

  • Emily says:
    subway (common)....wendy's (unusual for me) i hate wendy's!!!!

  • Jodi says:
    Rivalee: Cocktail Onions. Madison and Zander nothing really.

  • Janice says:
    Not really food, but chocolate milk. MOOVE

  • Anita says:
    I had to have vinager on everything pretty gross but at the time it was great

  • Micaela says:
    Ryans was the worst for cravings, oranges, pasito, roast beef and ice, lotsand lots of ice

  • Toni says:
    Spring rolls with celine and Ice with Jordan

  • Renee says:
    with Cheyenne it was anything with garlic. Nothing unusual that I can remember with Autumn. With Michael spicy stuff and I don't eat spicy stuff.

  • Brenda says:
    sweets because I could not have them with gestional diabetes

  • Kathleen says:
    Phoenix - ice cream and tomato sauce... hmmm Jayden - chocolate....how convienent? Aaliyah - meat pies

  • Megan says:
    mashed potatoes and doritios

  • Angela says:

  • Amy says:
    Ugh. McDonald's cheeseburgers.

  • Vickie says:
    Bagels with cream cheese. Had to have one at least once a day. Had to stop by this one bagel place every morning. I always chose different types of bagels with different flavors of cheese.

  • ann says:
    watermelon, brussel sprouts

  • Heather says:
    Pizza, pizza, pizza, no unusul cravings, just an excuse to eat as much as I wanted.

  • tammy says:

  • Amber says:
    apple pie for jayden and strawberry milk for charlette

  • Sarah says:
    Choc milk frosty fruits

  • lisa says:
    chocolate milk it had to b oak

  • Nicole says:
    Potato and gravy and fruit

  • Sheree says:
    Just FOOOOD in general!

  • Sarah says:
    Frank: Milo sandwiches Ryan: chicken, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce sandwich Brooke: Fruit lots of fruit

  • Sabrina says:
    Jason: the mayo from big mac burgers, fruit lots of fruit Lilith: No cravings

  • Emma-Jade says:
    Prawns dipped in chocolate

  • Sally says:
    Danielle - had no craving, sick for 7 months, Emma - hot chip rolls with tomato sauce

  • Misha says:
    Pickles and saurkraut

  • Kelly says:
    homemade french fries

  • Amy says:
    didn have any

  • jodi says:
    Brooke;pasta...Jesse;cheese,beetroot and tomato sanwhiches,chocolate milkshakes...

  • Kim says:
    Lemons for the first, and lemons and paper (yes paper!) for the second.

  • Elri says:
    Enige iets pink... Pink melk ... sparberrie kooldrank, caramel roomys... tamaties en uie op toust saam met avo... hel dit was die mees algememe

  • Bianca says:
    Chips cheese and gravy. and anything with mustard on it.

  • Chloe says:
    chocolate mmmm

  • Bronwyn says:
    fresh cream dohnuts

  • Naomi says:
    Eggs Benedict, bannan splits, soft serve icecream from wienerschnitzel and menudo.

  • Tara says:
    with TEYEAKA N NATHANIEL i craved ice cream n gerkins, n with NATHANIEL i wanted bananas but they were like $25kg lol so didnt have em lol

  • Jessilee says:
    i always wanted toasted cheese n tomato sandwiches with haylee but could never eat them. i lived on red apples an water. but i think this lil ones daddy is a baker coz i looooove cupcakes!

  • Lisa says:
    Orange Juice with baby #1. As for baby #2...I don't crave. I give everything back that I eat.

  • Kayla says:
    Out of everthing - PUMPKIN (weird i know).

  • Lynda says:
    banana and custard

  • tricia says:
    choc oak milk and prawns

  • Este says:
    mcdonalds chips!

  • Kelly says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Ummm not really anything particularly

  • Candice says:

  • Tara says:
    Chinese and pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, MMMM!!

  • Rachelle says:
    fruit, ice and HI-C orange.

  • Misty says:
    I didn't really have any cravings for one particular food...loved them all!!

  • Sarah says:
    Kool-aid and chocolate milk

  • michelle says:
    With Zach I craved hot sauce on EVERYTHING. With John it was Superman ice cream

  • kahlia says:
    kfc chicken skin.... vegitemite and cheese sandwich with salt and vinegar chips....

  • Kylie says:
    Meat pies, Chocolate paddlepops, bananas and coco pops.

  • Kylie says:
    with my first it was bacon, with my second it was kitkats, and with my third it was fast food. my partner craved strawberry youghurt and doritios with our third

  • donna says:
    I didn't have cravings

  • colleen says:
    cheese,banana & relish sandwiches

  • Carys says:
    Pickled onions and Tomatoes

  • Anonymous says:
    with larissa chocolate cake n pineapple with robert mangos n cheese n tomato toasted with lawson anything hot n spicy

  • Rachel says:
    cho chip cookies

  • Erica says:
    Milkshakes, mozzarella sticks

  • Danielle says:
    With the girls I had no cravings, with Anthony I craved meat and chocolate

  • Donna says:
    pizza hut, pepsi, good-n-plenty's, milk

  • Anonymous says:
    salty then sour, milk at the end

  • Patti says:
    Red Meat with all of them.

  • Kathie says:
    Jordyn: McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Devin: McDonald's Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese (BTW, the boy LOVES cheeseburgers! LOL Madison: Sweets, Sweets, and MORE SWEETS!

  • Sarah says:
    Um most common was fresh fruit with all of them. Most unusual was calamari rings with heaps of chicken salt with the 3 girls.

  • jayde says:
    ice cubes both times i was pregnant

  • Alana says:
    jalepinos and lemons.. and then ice coffee

  • Danielle says:
    chocolate with isaac nothing with india

  • Sherelle says:
    i wanted Ice... thats all i wanted

  • Anonymous says:
    bbq chicken n strawberry milk with Abby nd anything savory with CJ

  • Tania says:
    Don't know if it's common or uncommon but my craving with James was Honey and Eucalyptus lollies and oranges, no cravings with Kaylan really.

  • sarah says:
    anything i saw anyone else eating.

  • Kylie says:
    pecks paste and jam on toast -YUK!

  • Cheryl says:
    Lari- a home cooked dinner with meat,veg n gravy Zak- custard tart towards the end

  • Kristy says:
    with eb i just wanted to eat 2min oriantal noodles and with jack nothin really just food lol

  • kayla says:
    taliah was strawberry milk n jordan was large caramel sundays from maccas

  • Mary says:
    Salt and vinegar chips and lemonade.......

  • Anna says:
    hot chips, porridge with cream and sugar and custard

  • kera says:

  • Summer says:
    Aspro Clear & the medicine cupboard (don't ask!)

  • Christina says:
    Cheese for the 1st Trimester and beer for the rest.

  • jackie says:
    apples and oranges with both, can't eat oranges now

  • Malia says:
    Didn't really have any

  • Kala says:
    The only thing I ever craved was Orange Julius... and Mike's hamburger with bbq sauce- which was only right in the beginning.

  • Carrie says:
    Pizza... and Ice cream .. not unusual, but those were my cravings

  • Samantha says:
    Most common was vegetables, didn't really have unusual cravings.

  • Lisa says:
    banana milk shakes, had to be from wendy's, no other banana milk would cut it. and avocado

  • Natalie says:
    ham salad sandwiches

  • Kylie says:
    shawn= chicken snitzle burgers brody= cream buns

  • amy says:
    potatos ,corn chips and coke

  • Aimee says:
    #1: Pizza, specifically Stouffer's french bread pizza #2: Ethnic foods-Italian, Asian, Mexican.

  • Jade says:
    Tyson Chocolate sundas, maria chicken burgers, carmen none

  • Callie says:
    cheeseburgers with mc chicken sauce

  • angela says:
    bubble o bills

  • Emily says:
    With jaide it was faryfloss and Makira was zinger burgers

  • Cazz says:
    I didn't have a main craving, I did although eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than usual, and it wasn't because I wanted to eat healthy for baby, I truly craved for them.

  • Kellie says:
    artichokes and olives

  • Ashleigh says:

  • Brooke says:
    LEMONS!!!! and ice..lol

  • nicole says:
    cheeseburgers lol

  • Tara says:
    didn't have an unusual cravings i liked mint bubbly chocolate and cheeseburgers

  • bec says:
    peanut butter vegemite cheese and lettuce sandwiches

  • cara says:
    tomato sauce

  • Anonymous says:
    Bacon and egg muffin with extra cheese and bacon!

  • Julie says:
    Didn't really have one

  • Holly Kay says:
    fish and chips, snickers, burnt toast was the weirdest 1-it had to be black

  • Jasmine says:
    double cheese burgers with "lots" of pickles

  • Beth says:
    Pistaccios and grits w/turkey bacon. (Yep, weird, lol.)

  • Mariah says:

  • jenn says:
    Blueberries, I would eat an entire pint or two.

  • Kelly says:

  • Keshia says:
    Crushed Ice, Icees..

  • Becky says:
    I had cravings in stages.....chicken with nacho cheese.....green beans, fried eggs, and mash potatoes mixed together....most intence craving.....city water....I craved the clorine taste....I actually went to the water company and told them that they needed to check their clorine levels because the level had dropped and they looked at me funny and I was like trust me....just check....and they called and thanked me apparently one of their regulators or whatever was broken and they weren't getting enough clorine in the water and the thing that told them the levels were fine was also off...i just told them to fix it cause I couldn't be driving a hour to fill up jugs at peoples houses of their tap water....

  • brandi says:
    I had lots of cravings, nothing unusal. Sheetz ham pretel melts, ham & swiss marianna hoagies, pickles, umm stuff like that.

  • Tiffany says:
    Mountain Dew and Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast

  • amanda says:
    Pineapple...anything pineapple!

  • Bree says:
    Cereal! Coco Pops, Fruit Loops and especially NutriGrain! Followed everytime by a strawberry OAK

  • Nicole says:
    I didnt have any cravings :)

  • Anonymous says:
    milk by the gallon with the first kid then nothing with the second

  • Corinne says:
    No unusual cravings but I gagged at the thought of chicken and loved fruit!

  • lauren says:
    none really. the thought of food made me sick in the beginning.

  • Meisha says:
    Kailey-juice, grape juice, could not get enough of it1 Kamille- anything , mostly starches Kennedy- not much craving, too busy taking care of the other two.

  • Lisa says:
    Pizza and white rice

  • Lisa says:

  • Danielle says:
    ice-cream was my absoulute weakness

  • Anonymous says:
    fruit, hotdogs and milk

  • Brittany says:

  • krystal says:
    a cup of pickles with sugar on it..lol

  • Angie says:
    steak, BLT's, and slushies

  • heather says:
    frozen things and fuity things. if it was both even better

  • carla says:
    mashed poatoes

  • Anonymous says:
    Salt & chips or wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce....

  • Alana says:
    ice, lots n lots of ice

  • Jodie says:
    cream buns with sultanas, couldn't get so resorted to long johns rockmelon crumber/battered fish

  • Melanie says:

  • Renae says:
    chocolate and twisties with Jayden, noodle salad with Justyce and cereal with Melody.

  • Teagan says:
    cutard dainish was my only craving towards the end

  • Amy says:
    I didn't have any cravings with leah

  • Laura says:
    just wanted fruit and cheese.

  • Lacey says:
    um really didn't have none

  • Carley says:
    hot hot hot curries - they were the best and chocolate

  • Anne-Marie says:
    milo and fruit and nut mix

  • Terri says:
    Cherry Tomatoes

  • KAYLA says:
    pickles and fruit

  • Kristie says:
    Ice Cream With Milo

  • Jenny says:

  • Kim says:
    CocaCola Icees from Speedway and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. (Not at the same time lol)

  • crystal-lee says:
    mc chicken burgers

  • Jaime says:
    Coco Pop Chex

  • Janice says:
    One time I craved milk and slim jims. A lot of times I craved pickles, cheese balls and pizza

  • Anonymous says:
    Cheese balls and ranch dressing

  • Natalie says:
    # frozen raspberry from donut king #saysage rolls from Andy's cake kitchen

  • Cheryl says:
    Hot dogs, mashed potatoes and fruit

  • Karen says:
    Grant-liverworst, Kiana-steak &potatoe, Kalia-Sinagong, rice

  • Lynn says:
    strawberries, waffles and french fries

  • Janine says:
    I had weird ones, first it was chineese curry and chips, then it was the smell of pine wood, bricks and eating enery boards (nail files) no joke!

  • Brooke says:
    Nothing unusual. Spring rolls, kfc twisters.

  • Brigitte says:
    First time: nothing special Second time: chocolat!

  • colleen says: