Exercising with your baby (literally)

Katherine - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I know this has become really popular, and it's supposed to be a bonding experience. I just have a huge safety issue with it.

What if you fall? What if your arm gives out? What if you drop the baby?

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

BTW, the jogging thing inspired this :)

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Yeah I know alot of moms jog with young babies but it is not recomended to do it with a baby under 6months most joggers will state that in thier manual mine does and I live in canada and the reccomendations from Health Canada state the same. Same goes for baby in a bike trailer...they don't reccomend it until baby can sit up or around 6 months some places it is actuall a bylaw.....but like I said it is just a reccomendation you can do what ever you really want.

Noreen - posted on 05/11/2010




I am in Stroller Strides and put my 7month old daughter in a double jogger with my 4yr old. I joined when she was 5months.

You can jog with your baby in a jogger under 6months as long as they are in a secure carseat strapped to the stroller. Lots of mommas jog in class with babies as little as 6wks!

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I do see what you mean I am joining a strollerrobics group so it is pretty safe for the most part baby is in the stroller in the car seat......There is a class a friend of mine has joined called salsa babies where you salsa dance with the baby and they say you have to make sure that you can have the baby comfortably in a sling for the whole hr and I wonder if it is really ok for the baby and what if the sling malfunctions or whatever salsa to me is a lot of jerking the baby around which if you are not supposed to jog with a baby less than six months why would you do a dance clas where they could be bounced around or like you said some one could slip and fall, twist and ankle...I worry enough about jogging and losing the stroller or falling and twisting my ankle and the stroller falling....aww well I suppose there are risks in everything. I do love the bonding with my baby and having him experiance the outdoors and exposing him to regular physical activity!

Taralee - posted on 04/25/2010




Hi Katherine,

Kennedy and I did post natal yoga together....if it is specialized baby and mommy yoga they incorporate the child into the position very safely. Also Kennie and I took a mommy and baby salsa class...it was so much fun!! I put her in the Ergo baby , some mommies just held their babies and kept the car seat or buonce seat near by for breaks. Kennie loved the dancing!! I highly recommend this if you can find one.

Emily - posted on 04/24/2010




I must have missed the jogging thing.. What do you mean, like doing yoga with your baby?

I will sometimes exercise while wearing my daughter on my back.. but only really low-impact exercises like walking or the free-step thing on wii fit.

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