what is a good carrier/ wrap for big babies?

CoreyAnn - posted on 11/29/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I would like to start wearing my son who is 9 1/2 months, but don't know what to get. He's a BIG baby (27 lbs), I have tried just a plain wrap that does not help at all, the carriers he cannot fit in and I never have liked the support with those anyways. I'm always carrying him, and it would be so much easier if I had my hands free. I dealt with always having my hands occupied with my daughter, and my son up to this long, but would like some advice on something that would work for us please. Thank you.

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Vicki - posted on 01/16/2012




I've never found a soft structured carrier that I like, but then all bodies are different. I LOVE my Maya Tie. It's a may tie with wide straps so they are comfortable like a wrap. I use it to carry my 2 year old (who is the same weight as your 9 month old! Skinny minny!). His weight just disappears in it.

Lori - posted on 01/08/2012




I also am a big fan of the Ergo carrier. It is rated up to 40 lbs, but it says on their site they test it up to 90 lbs. So it should be great for you. I also have back problems and can't wear the cheaper carriers that don't provide proper support, but I can wear my daughter in the Ergo for hours without any trouble.

Ally - posted on 01/03/2012




I think the Beco goes to 40 pounds also. As a small woman, 5'2", with a bad back, I needed the backpack straps and waist belt of the Beco to distribute DD's weight. I never had a backache using it! While the few times I used the Baby Bjorn (when she was lighter), I had terrible discomfort.

I hope you have found something that is working for you!!

Danielle - posted on 12/06/2011




I am a HUGE fan of my Ergo as well. I believe the 40lb weight limit is for comfort- I saw a demo once with a petite adult in the carrier and structurally, it held up so I'd imagine that if need be, you could probably push it beyond 40lbs but it won't be as comfortable.

For 27 lbs though, it would be awesome. My son is probably about 30 right now (he's almost 2) and I can carry him on my back with very little to no discomfort.

I know people also rave about Beco's so I would wager that most soft structured carriers would be great for bigger babies. You can try www.thebabywearer.com to see if maybe you can get one second hand. :)

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I had an Ergo for my super-big baby and it worked well for us. They are really sturdy and easy to use. Weight limit is 20kg/40ish lbs, so it'll last you for another while. Pricy but worth it in my opinion.

Geralyn - posted on 11/30/2011




Holy moly! He is a big baby! What about an Ergo? I think they fit up through toddlerdom.... Not sure of the weight maximum. But it has a lot more flexibility than some of the carriers. Good luck!

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