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n the month of February my 3 year old daughter, who will be 4 in August took a fall and hit her head on the toilet, the day of she had a little black eye and I noticed a little swelling, to be expected right? Well the next morning her head was huge, long story short her eyes both turned black and swelled shut, different times, thank goodness. Took her to the ER the next day they did a cat scan and said everything look good, and it would take time to heal. My child looked like mega mind for a month and I am not exaggerating in the least. Since this she has had multiple bloody noses a week along with loose stools, irritability to say the least, throws up multiple times a week, easy bruising, seriously you can touch her and she has a bruise. A perfect example would be we were swimming about a week ago and bruises appeared while we were swimming. Anyway back on track after a few months of this I take her to the pediatrition. ready with pictures in hand and a list of symptoms, which are stated above, also telling the dr that i notice the nausea more when she has dairy, so i tell the dr all this and she rushes me to ER making me think there is somethign seriously wrong with my child, when really she was sending me there for yet more xrays and cat scans because she thinks my child is being abused. So she ignored all other symptoms and focused on the bruising which is mostly on the head. So in the end I got no where. I then decided that she should go to my childhood doctor. Note I have pancreatitis and have since I was about 10 years old, that is very rare. Anyhow I figured he'd be more help, he was we cut out lactose, to my relief this helped for a few weeks. Now not only is my daughter having the same symptoms as before she is now LOOSING her hair! She hit her arm the other day and it swelled up so big and has a huge bruise, I really just don't know what to do. The first ped. did blood work finally after pulling teeth, but it all came back ok. ANY SUGGESTIONS (i hope this makes sense, i was also kind of venting)


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