is anyone else child still not potty trained?

Brandis - posted on 03/28/2011 ( 154 moms have responded )




i ask my son " do you need to potty" about a thousand times a day...he always says "no"...ive physically sat him on then the potty for him to pee and have waited at times up to 30 mins for him to do something...he cant sit still on the toilet just constantly wiggling around and unraveling the toilet paper....ive put him in regular underwear so he knows that he pees on himself and what its like and he'll tell me he has to pee while he's peeing on himself....i dont understand one week he'll be all about peeing on the potty then the next he'll yell and throw a huge fit if u dare ask him if he wants to potty.....ive cried about this, i feel like a huge failure "why cant i get my son to pee in the potty".....i feel almost younger 3 year old nephew goes to the bathroom completely on his own and he's 6 months younger than my husband tries to help but he just winds up yelling at him and i dont feel like that helps at all.....i dont know what to do


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