August 30th 2008

Charissa - posted on 11/07/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




August 30th was the day I welcomed my son Kannen (Pronounced like Cannon) to the world! He Came as as Early Surpise on Labor day weekend. His actual due date was late September. It all started 2 days before i went to the doctors for my usualy appt. and she had checked me and said i was 3 cm dilated. it was of no concern and i wasnt havinv contractions besides braxton hicks which i was getting ever since 20 weeks and he was head down ever since 20 wks also and facing the correct way so i knew he was ready to go but yet i was still shocked! that morning at about 8am i had woke up with a dream of me being in labor and well i woke up to a slight cramping, nothing i just thought it was normal aches from the braxton and because i was 8 mths pregnant and uncomfortable. well after of about 30 minutes of it still there i decided to call my doctor. she asked if they were consisent and how many minutes apart and they said to wait and they would call back. well in that 30 minutes of them not calling i went from 0-60! the pain when from mild to intense! they finally called back and i had told them the pain was worse and about every 2 minutes apart! well my fiance had jumped in the shower and i was yelling and screaming for him ot hurry up. i dont think it hit him that the baby was coming today! and we finally go to the hosiptal at 930 it was the longest car ride ever!!!!! then i had to wait for someone to come check me to "make sure" i was in labor and that hurt so bad when they checked me and im contracting. They checked me and i was 8cms dilated! which again shocked me! they then rushed me up to a room and i nonstopped asked for a epiderul and i recevied one and thank the lord i did! but the epidural was suppose to kick in about 20 minutes. and that didnt happen i could still feel pain all the way down to just below my belly button and i wasnt suppose to by then. well they then decided to break my water becuase i was fully dilated and at that point i was screaming for more medication. i went from mad to glad in 5 minutes! thank my lucky stars i got extra dose and i finally just got numb just before i starting pushing! and at 1209 pm i had a 5pd 8oz baby boy. lucky my parents were coming into town to visit anyway and they got a special surprise! he was born 35 weeks and 2 days early. the only minor problem he had was with transitioning because he came so fast and he just had some fluid in his lungs but it had cleared up by the time he left hte hosiptal 3 days later! daddy was proud to say his first child and son at that came just in time to watch the first michigan football game!


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