Babygirl is sick, nonstop runny nose any ideas....

Veronica - posted on 02/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




other than walking around after her with a box of tissues which she despises or suctioning which really doesn't work. I have tried the vicks vaporizer in her room at night when she sleeps and naps and the humidifier. I have always heard that no OTC medicine if under 2 but I look at her and feel so bad I know she is miserable. What can I do?

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Michelle - posted on 02/16/2010




You can also try putting some saline drops in her nose if she is having "breathing" problems, its equivalent to us blowing our noses. Are you using a BIG bulbed suction or the little ones you get from the store? It makes a HUGE difference to have the bigger the suctioner, you get more out at a time. Also, do you have pets? She may be allergic. As long as the snot doesnt turn yellow or green and she's not running fevers, I would say stick to what your doing and buy stock in puffs plus! Better it comes out the nose then runs down the throat because then you have a whole new bunch of issues to mess with. Wish there was more we could do.

Veronica - posted on 02/07/2010




Thanks you are probably right i look at her and feel miserable but she is pretty active most of the time. The worst part of the day is when i wipe her nose which is basically all day...its so sore and raw i keep puting vasaline and aloe on it but its not really helping. Hope this only lasts a few more days if that.

Sara - posted on 02/06/2010




It's true, there isn't much you can give them. If she's eating well, sleeping well and acting okay, it's probably bothering you more than her. If she looks like she's really feeling miserable, and not really playing, eating or sleeping well... you might want to call the pediatrician.

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