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Is anyone thinking a bout preschool. When do u but your kids i preschool. I am worried about Jackson he doesn't talk much. But i want him to be ready for school. What can i do.


Nikki - posted on 10/24/2010




I actually take Pandi to a mommy and me class and that tends to help her be social in a school type setting. Contact your local community center and they should have a list of moomy and me groups. Most of these groups are free


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Tammy - posted on 11/04/2010




There are different programs available for different age groups. Where I live our local house of worship has classes for two year olds. We have a choice of full day, half day, 2 days a week, etc. They even have special assistants to change diapers. The reason I haven't started my daughter in preschool yet, is because I am a stay at home Mom, she is my only child and I think I am allowed to be a little selfish and keep her home with me as long as I can.

Paige - posted on 10/27/2010




It starts at age 3 where i live but alot of the excellent preschools have a long waiting list so i will be enrolling my daughter in Jan. for the fall. I am a stay at home mom too so i feel that preschool will really hope to socialize my daughter. Here, they have co-ops where the preschool is part time(3days a week, half days) and the parents volunteer their time a cpl times a month for different things like snacks or assisting field trips and such. This makes the tuition

Stefie - posted on 10/22/2010




I was worried about my little girl going to pre-school. She was born Aug 27th. So, when she starts school she will be one of the youngest in her class (most states have a September 1st cut off). I put her in a program called Mother Time Out. It is kind of a pre-pre-school. They have fine and gross motor skills, crafts, snack, music, and some free play. It is a nice transition toward pre-school. It has given my daughter the independence to have fun with out me, as well as getting her used to the type of structure she can expect once she gets to pre-school. Different schools have similar programs with different names.
Many Montessori schools have programs like this (they tend to be expensive) as well as many pre-schools.
One other thing you can do to help him out is to have play groups with kids close in age or a little older.
I would not worry about a little boy not talking too much, boys are less verbal.

Alissa - posted on 10/22/2010




Thank You I am a stay at home mom so i am just want to get him into preschool when he is suppose to. I am afraid to let him go he is my first born i want him to stay at home as long as i can keep him. I was thinking when he is 4 yrs old. I just worry he won't be ready to go to school.

Angela - posted on 10/22/2010




Preschool here starts at age 3. The daycare my daughter attends is a daycare/preschool combo, so she'll be moving to the preschool class next fall and will stay there until she starts kindergarden at age 5.

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