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Just wondering what everyone does for their bedtime routine with your 8-month-old. We're thinking about switching ours up a little as she's getting older and seems to be not as happy with what we're doing now. As it is now, we start getting ready around 7:30, reading a story, getting a bath, then a bottle and bed.

Also, in the mornings, she's starting to get up earlier and earlier... Now it's up to 6:15. We have a morning bottle to cure the "I'm starvings" and then cereal and fruit. How about yours? Any interesting tips or tricks to share?

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Amy - posted on 04/13/2010




We only do baths 2 times a week so that is not on our ruttten. It depends on when she wakes up. Usually she is up at 7 and then is fed at 7 for about 40 mints then I change her, talk about a bible story or verse we pray and then her music goes on and I giver her her lamb and she will sleep until 7 or 7:30. Also depends on naps. If its been a hard day were naps got messed up then night time seems off too. Also there are 2 days a week that its more like 9 she goes to bed because we get home late from things I have to be at. I nurse her so I think that is important in her ruteen.

Cassandra - posted on 04/13/2010




my daughter is bathed at 6 every night has a bottle and sleeps till 6-7 in the morning we used to bath her around 7 then bed for 8 but she actually sleeps better now that i bath her earlier... i dont really have any tips as both my children have slept well from them being born but maybe try bath her then giv her a bottle then read a storey to her while shes in bed instead of reading the book first n maybe do it abit earlier to see if she sleeps til around the same time. hope this helps

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