Going rate for the 'tooth fairy'?

Rebecca - posted on 01/23/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My eldest son has lost a few teeth now, at first he was getting $2, because we had been told about the "inflation", obviously a fairy's cost of living has increased since I was getting tooth fairy money. (20c little tooth, 50c big tooth)!
When my son came home from kindy with a loose front tooth and informed us that the "talk around school" was the tooth fairy forks out $7 for the big front teeth! I want to know: Is this the going rate? OR are the little sweet kiddies really evil masterminds, formulating devious money making plans in their spare time?
I still have 2 more children yet to loose teeth, and my eldest has already set the benchmark for the tooth fairy in our house. So I send this conversation out to those who haven't had the gross pleasure of a wobbly, hangin' by a thread tooth! :)

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CraftyMummy - posted on 11/21/2011




In our house the tooth fairy brings $1 per tooth, despite rumours at school that she pays more elsewhere. And sometimes she is so busy that she doesn't arrive for a day or two!

Shae - posted on 09/28/2011




My brother and I recieved $2 per tooth, $1 if it had anything black in it (My little brother earnt a lot less!); it encouraged us to brush our teeth. But that was about 6 yrs ago...

Toni - posted on 04/15/2011




Ours get $2 per tooth. I don't care about tooth fairy inflation just about how much is in my wallet lol

Peita - posted on 03/28/2011




I gave $4 for the first tooth and then $2 for every tooth after that!! My cousin kindly informed me that our tooth fairy is a tight-arse, aparently her kids teeth are worth $10 each!! They loose around 30 teeth don't they?? That works out to be a lot of money at $10 a pop, especially if you have more than one child!! My 7yo doesn't even believe in the tooth fairy any more, he told me it was really just everyones mum and dads putting money where the tooth is, but he has agreed to play along for his younger sisters sake!!

Chrissy - posted on 03/20/2011




i think $6 or more than that is just ridiculus i think it depends on the quality of the tooth as some kids dont look after there teeth so they dont deserve $7 if they want that much just to be like everyone else then they should brush and look after there teeth every day, i think $2 for a big tooth is reasonable and $1 for a little tooth and if they do look after there teeth to get that extra money than $3 is fair. we are not made of money and for a six year old $7 is way too much and is just teaching them too want,want want and do whatever till us parents give in...im not down with that..... as a society we are not made of money and kids need to be tought value of money aswell as responsibiltys that go with it at a old enough age not 6 years old.........i dont care what other kids get its what we could afford as a family and love and value is more important than $7 for a tooth.......

Amanda - posted on 03/06/2011




I give them $1 for every year of ther life so if he's 6 give him $6 and so on

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Oh that's fun!!! We gave Nicky 50$ for each tooth to encourage her to save money in a piggy bank and also it was a money saving exercise for us. She is 11 and a half and still has all of it!!! Saving it for something big one day... For pocket money she only gets 50 cents to do chores around the house. I think she had learnt saving though and has occasionally offered her money when I have no cash like to pay the handyman etc ha.... Ha....

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