HELP!! Baby pooing in shower!

Kate - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




on three separate occasions my DD has been in the shower and pooed. She's got no problems going out of the shower, but how do i get her to stop going IN the shower?

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Jayde - posted on 01/02/2011




haha my daughter does the same thing in the bath. Like tasmin said its relaxing & warm so it helps them- look for signs that she's going to & say do you need to poo? & take herrto the toilet asap- i've had to catch a few in my hand & its gross!! good luck :)

Tamsin - posted on 12/15/2010




Hi Kate. Don't worry about this. She is simply nice and relaxed from the shower and therefore feels the need to go and just does it! It is awkward but when she does go, get out of the shower immediately and sit her on the toilet. Even if she's finished. If you do this each time and encourage her with words about being a big girl and doing poos in the toilet, she will eventually get it. You didn't mention her age. If she is older than 3 and this continues it may be wise to seek medical help. Just in case there is something going on with her bowel. But I'm sure it is simply what I said about her being relaxed. Good luck and DON'T worry!

Stephanie - posted on 12/15/2010




depending on the age of your child. I would shower with her and when she goes to do her business. I would tell her that you dont do that in the shower only the toilet and that mummy doesnt do it when she is having a shower only the toilet, and although this might seem quiet disgusting after I had been to the toilet I would show her and explain that this is the only place that you can do poos. ask her to show you when she does a poo in the toilet and make it a big deal that she has done a poo in the toilet. tell all your friends and family. She will feel good knowing she did the right thing. hope this helps

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