Autism/Asperger's/PDD Awareness

We are a community of many mothers coming together as one. We like to discuss many aspects of our lives, drawing from our common experience as parents, family members and those caring for children on the autism spectrum.


single mum

hi everyone im a single mum with a 3 yr old son with serve autism if anyone has cheap ideas for therapy equipment please send them this way i have some tips but am always...


Son with Autism

Hi my name is Nadia i have two children Madison and Mason. My son Mason who is 2 years old is autistic it has been very hard but we are getting through


My Eldest Son With Autism

I'm a 25 yr old mother from Thunder Bay Ontario. My son is autistic, he was diagnosed in Dec 2007. Hasn't been a year yet since he was diagnosed. But I knew from whenhe was...


Hello everyone!

My name is Elisha. I have a 5 year old son, Spencer, who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I also have two other kids, Faith 3, and Carly 1. I am 27 years old, married for 6 years so...


out and about

my 3year old has just been diagnosed with autism, have you any tips on how to stop the outbursts when you are out and about please as finding very hard work just to do the shoping


hi Im new

I my name is Anne and I have a 17yrold son with Autism. We haven'y been involved in groups for a while, I just thought I would pop in to see what you guys were all about. I...


Just looking for support...

Hi, I would say my son is very bordering, though symptoms are there and he is in therapy. His issue is pretty much language and understanding. We live in Germany and started...


Hi, new here.....

I have a 4 almost 5 year old son with Autism. He is making tremendous tremendous progress through ABA Therapy! Would love to chat with others......



This is a great group! I have three kids, Jaden Calvin who is 11 and boy/girl twins Merrik John and Aliya Ember. My son Merrik has always been a quirky kid, but then he didn't...


Hi there, Im new

Hello, I am Jennifer..I myself do not have children who have autistic. my bfs 5 yr old daughter has Aspergers and her 3 yr old daughter has a mild case of Autism. I love them to...


why is it hard

Hi guys i am a single mum of 2 beautiful boys and my oldest Theo was diagnosed in Feburary of this. He is a lovely little boy and at the moment has no idea what is going on but...



HI! I just joined and I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter with Asperger Syndrome...looking forward to meeting more mom's that are going through the same things I am.



I just wanted to introduce myself to the group quickly. I have an 11 yr old boy with autism spectrum disorder. Through this journey he has seen many many great improvements...


Hi everyone

I'm Suzanne, married to Kerry and we have 3 gorgeous boys together. Our second son Ashton, has always been different and at the start of 08 we were given an aspergers...



My name is Connie and I have three boys, My oldest son is 8 and he has PDD NOS and was diagnosed when he was 5 years of age. Most days are a struggle because he is much like a...



My name is Ashley and I have four year old triplet boys, two of which were diagnosed with autism a little over two years ago; they weren't meeting those developmental milestones...


Potty training nonvorbel

Hi ladies im mum of 3.5 years old who's doesn't speek only few words it's so hard to start her potty training I really wanted now I did try she doesn't do it on toilet just sit...


Autistic boy talking

How can I get my autistic boy to talk in sentences, he can repeat words behind you and sing a song after hearing it once, do you ever think he will talk in sentences


Where do I go from here?

I am not quite sure where I need to go from here. My lovely daughter is 3 and a half. She is in regular Pre-K and is doing fabulously. She had no issues with the changing of...



my 20 year old autistic son wants to leave his dads house to live with me. I dont know if its legal for him to just leave his dad. But he says he is very unhappy and i want to...


My world is crashing

Hello everyone. My name is Elisha and I am a mother to 3 beautiful boys. I have been having the worst month of my life. My youngest boy has had some speech delay and he has been...


Tap To Talk

I have a 5 year old with ASD and he is non verbal, he has started using the PECS system at nursery and at home. Whilst scaning the internet yesterday i come across this system...