Autism/Asperger's/PDD Awareness

We are a community of many mothers coming together as one. We like to discuss many aspects of our lives, drawing from our common experience as parents, family members and those caring for children on the autism spectrum.



My 8 yr old who is borderline autistic with PDD has been experiencing meltdowns a lot lately. I was just wondering if its that time of year or the age that is causing it.


My son Tanner

My son tanner has kleinfelters syndrome, pdd nos, odd, sensory integration issues. He can be as stubborn as a mule. Although he is almost 13 its like having a four year old in...


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, my name is Kari. My two year old son, Kai, was recently dianosed with Autism. We knew we he had it though a long time before he was dianosed. He has very high...


From a Teachers perspective

HI, I am an Early Childhood SPecial Ed. Teacher. Teaching this age group I am one of the ones that would be the first one to tell you your child may have Autism (along with...


Another newbie..sleep questions?

Hi! I'm Stephanie, from Southern Maine. One of my twin boys is autistic, has seizures (this is newly diagnosed), sensory issues. My other twin has a speech delay (auditory...


Hi, I'm new

Hi. My name is Beth. I am the mother of two boys ages 11 and 28 months. My husband was diagnosed with AS about 3 weeks ago. My younger son was evaluated by the school...


New here - introduction :)

Hi, I'm Katie. I have two kids, a 4 yo girl - Gracie - and *almost* 3 yo boy - Graham. My ds has autism disorder. He has a few words, but for the most part has very little...


Our introduction

Hello. My name is Christie. I have two children. Chandler is the oldest at 7 years old. At 3 years of age he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. At 4 years we narrowed it down to...



I am a single mum to 5 years old b/g twins. My son was diagnosed with aperger's in august but i had known for 3 years that there was something "wrong" but couldn't get anyone to...


New kid on the block

I just wanted to say hello! I have a son that was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 18 months. Times get tough and rough. Not only does he have the diagnosis of Autism, he is...



Hi my name is Kerri and I am new to this site. My son Aaron was diagnosed with PDD/NOS at 3 years old. He is now 5 and doing amazing. He has had lots of therapies that have been...



My name is Grace and I have a 4 year old son with ASD and severe Dyspraxia.He is non-verbal. We will never give up hope that he will speak some day! :)


Re: 21 Yr old son needs help

Hi my son is 21 years old. He is feeling very depressed lately. He has no friends and struggles with the breakup of girlfriend from 2015. We live in Belleview, Florida. He works...


Autistic teenagers dating

I have a 17 year old male teenager with moderately severe Autism who continues to tell me wants a girlfriend. In his class it's mostly males. My question is where can he meet...



my 20 year old autistic son wants to leave his dads house to live with me. I dont know if its legal for him to just leave his dad. But he says he is very unhappy and i want to...


My world is crashing

Hello everyone. My name is Elisha and I am a mother to 3 beautiful boys. I have been having the worst month of my life. My youngest boy has had some speech delay and he has been...


Tap To Talk

I have a 5 year old with ASD and he is non verbal, he has started using the PECS system at nursery and at home. Whilst scaning the internet yesterday i come across this system...