Do you suffer from endometriosis and/or have had miscarriages before or after having your child with autism.

I have endometriosis and have had miscarriages. 100% (1 vote)

I have endometriosis but have not had miscarriages 0% (0 votes)

I have had miscarriages but don't have endometriosis 0% (0 votes)

No I have not suffered from either one 0% (0 votes)

1 Total Vote

are you sick of explaining "whats wrong" with your child to strangers?

Yes,it is none of there business 36% (8 votes)

Yes 32% (7 votes)

No 9% (2 votes)

sometimes 23% (5 votes)

22 Total Votes

Was your child born with Autsim .

yes 55% (6 votes)

no 45% (5 votes)

11 Total Votes

If you are a mother of an ASD child did you take an SSRI (anti-depressant) while you were pregnant?

No, I have never taken SSRIs 70% (16 votes)

Not during pregnancy, but I have taken them in the past 13% (3 votes)

Yes, during the first trimester 13% (3 votes)

Yes, during my entire pregnany 4% (1 vote)

23 Total Votes

Is there a link to mom with M.S. and their children having autism spectrum disorders?

Yes, no doubt 0% (0 votes)

Probably, more reseach needed to done 0% (0 votes)

Don't know 56% (9 votes)

No. Why would there be? 44% (7 votes)

16 Total Votes

Is your Autistic/Asperger's/PDD child in a mainstream regular school and target of bullying at his/her school?

yes, he/she is bullied frequently 26% (7 votes)

my child is seldom bullied/or was bullied in the past 11% (3 votes)

my child is being treated differently by his peers but not bully 33% (9 votes)

bullies? My child is only in grade.....(between jk-3) 19% (5 votes)

I am being told by school that my child is the bully 11% (3 votes)

27 Total Votes

Is there a link between c-sections and autism ?

Yes- absolutely 0% (0 votes)

Yes- along with other factors 4% (2 votes)

I don't know 30% (14 votes)

No- there shouldn't be 41% (19 votes)

Needs more research 24% (11 votes)

46 Total Votes

Are you for or against abortion.

Against, in all cases, no exceptions whatsoever. 37% (60 votes)

For. 30% (49 votes)

Against, except in the case of rape. 28% (46 votes)

Against, except in the case of disabilites. 4% (7 votes)

162 Total Votes

Do you beleive there is a link in autism and the rhogham shot for RH- moms?

Its Possibul, but needs further investigation 33% (20 votes)

Did not receive the rhogham shot during pregnancy of my autistic 44% (27 votes)

No...not possibul 21% (13 votes)

Yes, definetly 2% (1 vote)

61 Total Votes

Do you think that Pitocin induced births create a greater incidence of Autism?

No 41% (66 votes)

Maybe, I was given Pitocin during the birth of my Autistic Child 37% (59 votes)

Not sure, NO Pitocin given during the birth of my Autistic Child 22% (35 votes)

160 Total Votes

Do you believe that seizures can lead to autism?

im not sure 44% (71 votes)

No 36% (58 votes)

Yes 19% (31 votes)

160 Total Votes

Do You Think Lack Of Oxygen At Birth Could Be Linked To Autism?

Yes Definately!!!! 21% (40 votes)

I'm Quite Sure There Is A Link Here!!!! 14% (27 votes)

I Think This Needs Investigating!!!! 33% (65 votes)

No Way!!!! 11% (21 votes)

I Have Never Considered The Possibility Until Now!!!! 22% (42 votes)

195 Total Votes

H1N1 Vaccine - Is your child going to get it?

Yes 20% (54 votes)

No 59% (159 votes)

My Child Already Had H1N1 Flu 11% (30 votes)

Undecided 10% (27 votes)

270 Total Votes

Do you think that there is any correlation between vaccines and ASD?

Yes, I believe that there is a link in many cases 36% (109 votes)

No, I don't believe that one has anything to do with the other. 34% (104 votes)

I think there could be, but I'm not convinced 29% (89 votes)

302 Total Votes

do you think there is a cure for autism?

yes 14% (60 votes)

no 42% (175 votes)

not sure 35% (147 votes)

yes, i can prove it! 1% (4 votes)

no, at least no yet because I've tried! 7% (29 votes)

415 Total Votes

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