Help; My 2 year old rolls his eyes refusin to make eye contact.

Miena - posted on 08/24/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi Friends. I have a 5 year old daughter (Mette) with PDD NOS who has trouble making eyecontact but she has never done what my son does. My son Davin just turned two. He hasen't been diagonised yet but is showing signs like his Dad and Sis. My bigest problem is he doesn't make eye contact; he constintly rolls his eyes. Does eneyone else have a child like him?

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Miena - posted on 08/25/2010




Thank you so much for your great advice. He definitely is not crosseyed. He can focus very well to colour, etc. My husband and I will try your tips. Thanks again.

User - posted on 08/24/2010




Hi Miena,

When you say rolls his eyes, do you mean he is in control of his eye movement or do you mean they are crossing/rolling involuntarily? I ask because my son, although ASD, had crossed eyes before his surgery so we actually couldn't assess his eye contact.

If he is doing it voluntarily, try wearing light coloured sunglasses to see if he will be more likely to look in your direction...or, will he wear light coloured glasses...

As well, ask his to look at your nose, or on just getting his to look at your face...eye contact can, for some children, be almost physically painful.

If his eyes seem to be moving without control, you need to see a pediatric ophthamologist.


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