my son s foot turns inwards help?

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ok my sons foot turns inwards and he falls over alot, he got checked out they didnt see anythink so i phoned them again and watting on appointment. The deal is can any one help or information on it please and if you have any problems ie my first son has A.D.H.D and now my 2nd son with his foot help mom bit fed up and needs people who understand and not people who say thats better xx


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Hello! My second sons foot turned inward and I took him to an orthopedic doctor who recommended therapy. It turned out correctly. But a surprise we found out one leg was longer than the other....just enough to cause him to turn that one foot inward.


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thankyou all for your kind posts im still watting on apointment i will keep you all informed , its worring being a mom but its amazing how we get on with things. thankyou all speak soon

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Has she seen a podiatrist?.Thats where I'd go. Hope this helps.Heidi Overton.

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Hi Amanda I had fallen arches as a child and walked badly and my eldest son walks badly and runs knock kneed , I thought at first he had a strange walk because of his asd problems (doh!) but recently having his feet measured the woman pointed it out and said he probably had flat feet ! I had special soles in my shoes as a teenager and now have no problems so I know his should be easily fixed its just getting him to an appointment to sort it !

hope your sons feet get sorted too

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He could have falling arches. I was falling over all the time as a kid because my feet turn inward, and insoles helped a lot. I agree with the other parents who say you should take him to an orthopedist.

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Yes, take him to an orthopedist. He may have a problem with muscle development in his foot, since he is falling. If that is not the problem, he may need therapy. My daughter walked pigeon-toed and was constantly falling so my husband built a low balance beam for her to walk on and she is doing better.

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