New Here with two autistic kids 13 and 11

Barbara - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am the mother of four beautiful children. And I am blessed with two of tehm having autism. I say blessed because I knew before my son was born that he was going to be special because he came to me in a dream and told me that he was special and would I love him, I told him of course I would love him. Jonahton has infantile onset autism. which means he has always had it. From a very young age I was unable to have eye contact with my son, if ever. He does talk and interact with his enviroment which I think is due to being in therapy since he was four months old. As a matter of fact yesterday morning was my youngest daguhter's birthday and Jonathon fixed a bowl of cereal with minimal mess and got a donut and carried them upstairs and gave her breakfast in bed. (I didnt say anything about the cereal trail up the steps and down the hall) Last year we made the desicion to put him in lifeskills class and take him off the acedimic track that was probably one of the hardest descions I have ever had to make. There were times that I got calls from his teacher when she hung up I had to laugh because he was doing things that he had seen kids in his class do the year before.

Then there is Kayleigh. Oh boy have we had her hands full with her. She likes personal space and it is use to be such an issue that any one that was in arms reach had pinch marks and bite marks. Some how I manage that tiem with my sanity though I do have more gray hair than a 38 year should. I am not sure what Kayleigh will do when it comes to middle school. luckily she has two more years before we get there she was held back in both kindergarten and 1 st grade. at tiem I think it was a good idea then I see that everyone is older than here by at least a year andshe is aware of that . If I had the opportuntity to do it over Kayleigh would have not started kindergarten the year she did. I would have kept her in preschool another year. Well thats a little about me. I have had lots of experience dealing with all kinds of issues relating to autism and the effect that it has on siblings thanks for reading and letting me ramble

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Linda - posted on 08/20/2009




Hi Barbara, I have a few questions. I have only one child and he is 2 and he has autism. I feel helpless at times. He loves affections, good eye contact, loves to play with me, and brings me things, and brings me to his toys to play with him. He does not speak though. He says, Mama , Dada rarely, and yeah when he is happy and excited. But other than that nothing. My question is at what age did your children speak? This whole experience really has me very very upset! I am 31 years old and everyone in my family is in denial that he is autistic. I have taken him to a specialist that diganosed him as having autism. My next biggest worry is potty training. I read on here some kids are not trained until 10 years old or more. Is that with every child? Its so hard not having anyone in my life who is going through this. Can you please let me know what do i have to look forward to? Does the situation get better? or will I be this upset for the rest of my life as my son grows into teen and adulthood?

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what a loverly story and out look on life u have , i am new too , my son is 8 and is in middle of being diagnosed with autisum spectrum, it was the school that 1st picked up on his well what they called strange behaviour but to me he always was and will be jack i dont see him any different, he too like your children have such very good charactaristics. i think all girls are highly strung hunny as i have 3 daughters too non of which have autisum like there brother but belive me they much harder work than jack lol any way enjoyed reading your message feel free to chat or leave me messages any time xxxxx

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