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I am a mother of four and my 8 year old was born premature... and has severe myopia which has lead him to many challenges. Through the years he has been diagnosed with with sensory issues, developmental delay...etc. However, I am getting him evaluated for PDD on December 3 and was hoping someone can give me some advice as far as questions to ask. I have always felt there was something I was missing with him. We have just relocated to the chicago area and his teachers have confirmed that there might be something "we" are "missing". I am relieved yet concerned what we will find out... I just want the answer so we can help him move forward. He is fully functioning the however certain behaviors have been consistent. His social behavior has not matured, he withdraws -like he is in his own world all the time, he makes repeative noises - people would say are annoying (and they are) but they are constant, he is constantly rolling around in his toys...etc. Anyway, I am just really frustrated I want him to get the help that he needs. Any advice would be so helpful. Thanks, Tania


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We noticed that Joshua (13 now) was not talking at 2 years old. He would say "da" for daddy and "mote" for open and didn't have much syllabals when he would speak. Our road to finding answers led to testing for CAPD- auditory processing disorder, to ADD to dyslexic to now PDD. They all say... he has a language development issue a communication disorder... It wasn't until he was 12 before we finally realized he had a form of autism. He would clap unappropriately. He couldn't keep beat to music until this year. He would do things that was just plain annoying. He is highly functionally but the only way you can tell he has issues is during a social setting where kids are joking around in communication and he gets frustrated in trying to express himself. He does better around kids older or younger than himself and enjoys intellectual chats with adults rather than kids. It has been frustrating to find someone who would believe that something was not quite right. He could have CAPD if his ADD wasn't interferring but it isn't just right. PDD has made sense. He has to be taught differently. We have finally lowered his behaviors to a minimum. He doesn't clap inappropriately now. He still his immature socially. He still reads 3 grade levels below his age and still struggles with basic phonics. He is currently in the RTI program who has started a new program to reteach 1st grade phonics to kids like Joshua and so far he is improving. He took his first AR comprehension test and past on his own. He can now read the bible and understand what he reads. He has relied on audio books. We believe his vaccination affected his central nervous system and is still raging havoc on his brain. He has unexplained fears and sees big pictures but can't spell simple words or can't put what he thinks on paper. He is quite bright but those middle years are challenging. He is gifted in Math and Science. It is a constant battle nowing he missing the social cues and doesn't understanding some communication jargon. Need to have constant watch on his influences so he stays on the correct path.

PRAYER AND GODS LOVING MERCY, GUIDANCE... We talk word vocabuary with picture graphs... drawing the meaning of words. Joshua tends to withdraw but we are constantly finding him nitch. THE ENGINNEERING TEAM done it. He loves to create and build things. Find out your son's interest and enhance his learning and connectivity through that.

My goal is to walk with Joshua through his Healing Journey and guild him through his challenges with great understanding.

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