Sleeping habits............ without the sleeping part.

Melissa - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So Brayden's two, and his sleeping habits stink. We have had to move him into the room with us because he has had meltdowns at night that have led to him scratching his face up, biting his tongue up, and has hit his head sooooo hard he gave himself a concussion. Despite being on a very regimented schedule, he does not sleep but maybe 2 hours a night. Because of previous incidents I can't just let him "cry it out" which is what everyone tells me to do. I've tried weighted blankets, and vest, I've tried keeping him up all day a disaster and big mistake) and putting him to bed later. None of these things work,and I'm desperately exhausted. Any suggestions??

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User - posted on 01/20/2010




Have you tried white noise (fan?) or fiddling with the temperature of his room?

He is a little young, but I know someone who recently tried out a waterbed out for their five year old, and it really helped. (they were visiting relatives and that was the bed available...they thought, oh no...this is going to make it worse...then WOW...) the waterbed was quite warm, and he had a weighted blanket...she said he must have felt like he was sleeping on a hot water bottle all night long.

Anyways, I never would have thought of a waterbed before, but after my friend's experience, it's just one more "have you tried this" suggestions to think about!

Good luck,


Melissa - posted on 01/20/2010




I will definitely bring that noe up with the doc. I don't like the thought of medication, however I think if his sleep pattern could improve, he would have less meltdowns or aleast less severe. My poor angel. Yeah we keep his nails really short, his ot therapist helps us with that when she comes in 3 times a week. I've tried rocking, but he's the total opposite, the physicalality of holding him seems to set him off too. It's just been very emotionally draining. I love him so so so so much and we'll get through it. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

MaDonna - posted on 01/20/2010




Have you talked to his doctor about a sleep aid. not an adult sleep aid but something like 300mcg of melatonin. it is a natural substance in the body and if those levels are off, which in autistic kids they usually are, some kids, like my own, need an aid to sleep. If he cannot cry it out it is possible that this may help. my children are 6, 8, 13, and 15 and take the higher 5mg dose of melatonin to help them sleep-advised by the doctor. Not to many parents want to medicate their kids, I cant stand it but it is the only thing that helps my 13 year old sleep, without it he is up all night not sleeping at all. The only reason I agreed to give it to him is because it is naturally in the body.

Have you tried rocking him? sometimes rocking children will help-my 8 year old was like that when he was that age. and that is the only thing that helped him sleep. I dont know if this will help but even if you dont have a rocking chair just holding him on the bed and rocking back and forth may help.

Make sure his nails are cut-even if you have to hold hi down to cut them as i have to-to keep him from hurting himself. my 8 year old scratches his arms when he gets mad so I have to hold him down and sometimes enlist his dad's help to hold him so I can cut them, we just take our time and be very careful.

I know this does not help much but I hope it helped a little. Good Luck.

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