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I feel like I am about to explode!!! I don't have an outlet. I'm always at home with my children. I love them and I love my husband but not having any friends or family members that would stay in touch with me (though they live one city over and the other 40 mins away) is very hard. I have friends but all of them are alot older than me. Just tired and frustrated ugggrrrrr!!. My six month old is starting to teeth and he is not taking to anything but breastfeeding ( no solids yet/tried but just not interested) My 8 year old who is fighting pdd-nos/somewhat non-verbal is getting better but is still not eating some foods and my husband is complaining that he is not getting enough sex. I'm just stressed and tired right now. I'm tired of the only place I go if I go anywhere is to the grocery store or church for the most part. I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm tired!!!


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I too feel that way everyday...but I can talk myself down enough to only cry once in a while. I went to our local human services talked to a therapist & eventually began meds, Human Services even helped me with forms to get free meds & samples so affording meds wasnt an issue they are not 100% but I have come a long way. Joining groups like this is a good start. I also have facebook & play one of their farming games, it relaxes me bc no one can mess anything up I design. By posting my daily struggles, happy moments & the funy things Braydon does, with family & friends (I dont have 600 friends just family & close friends) the more support they gave & I have met ppl in their lives with same struggles & have made a group of friends that can relate & help with their experience. I have 2 older children who also have went to therapy & it helped...Your husband is just going to have to take you out or make arrangements to be deserve it & you might just have to slip him a note saying what you need to "feel like" doing it. I told my husband in the past. My husband & I hardly get to be alone but we make the most of it. Having a 6 month old & autistic child sure is tough...Braydon was very ill at 4 mos, almost died, I gave up working & now my family needs me & I also have my 3 nieces here often. At times its hard to please everyone esp when Braydon is the one making all the trouble.. But most of the time its good, he builds & shows them & they are 4,5,9 & make a big deal out of his stuff. They swim together & he asks for them to come back. Bc of Braydon almost dying my family that live close, brother & dad & stepmom, believed I spoiled him & made him act the way he did...I had to write them off & eventually my brother came around & now knows he has it & even says things abt how smart he is etc..My son loves him. Friends came & friends went & left me with one friend & her husband. They are great with him, & 5 yrs later, more ppl have come around & all those weird obsessions Braydon has, are non stop gifts by friends...No one but my inlaws, who live up the road, would babysit for 7 yrs...recently my 15 yr old earns mioney from us for watching him here & there so we can do something like go fishing. But I dont want her to be stressed so its not often.Your friends who older, do they know your daily struggles? It took a while but I learned to share it instead of being embarrassed, to plead for help. Braydon will only eat a handful of things, he is 7 yrs old. We just try to be sure to get the healthier versions, even if it is chocolate milk, he only wants nestle quick bc the bunny is on the bottle, so we wash & reuse the bottles using sugar free syrup & then we will pretend to go to store & he accepts it... Have you told anyone at church this? Getting the word out to ppl in your life is a step takes a long time & I still struggle everyday not to pull my hair out but all those other things has made it easier to calm myself...Tho you will always be stressed I hope something that works for me will help you...its not easy & feels like it never will be...I know..My dad said to me when I said "why me, why does my son have to have autism? There are sooo many women out there who never took care of themselves when they pregnant, I did everything right!" He said "bc those moms would give up. God knows youre a good mom & you will always do whats best for him" I think abt that a lot.

Sara - posted on 08/05/2011




Katherine thank you for your response. I could get out once a week. i have tried meet but I have'nt really looked for any groups that pertained to must just interest groups. I will try that again.

Katherine - posted on 08/04/2011




Hang in there. Can you get out once a week? Try or if you tell me where you live I can help you out.

It must be really hard.

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