has had problems with my 5 year old s teacher grabbing him by his wrist i saw this and politly told her i didnt like it she then pulled my son in to her class shouted if i didnt like it to see the head master slamed the door in my face i had gone arond the back entrance of the school which some parents do i was not aware i could not do this she was very rude and shouty my boy was then a bit nervous to go with her thats when she pulled him to her class room i did see the headmaster who assured me at the time it should not have happened and he would check my son was happy throw out the day and would have a word with the teacher i later phoned to see if my son was ok and spoke to the head master he said my son was fine and he had checked 3 times on him i asked had he spoken to the teacher about the arm pulling he said no i explained i didnt find it right she did this he told me he wouldnt go in to class so she had a right to restrain my 5 old i have been waiting for transfer for another school

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Shaella - posted on 12/19/2011




There should be an outside venue you can go to ....I would ask around with the police or DHR to get the right outside venue to report this to .

Sara - posted on 12/11/2011




later my son has since opened up has told me she has done it a few times to him and she does it to another boy in his class i understand that my boy is well behaved in class and i have never had eny problems with his behavoir

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