How do I help my child in remembering things and how do I help him in reading?? i'll try any thing

Laura - posted on 01/29/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




Will my son is in the 3rd grade soon to be 4th and i'm worried because he has a hard a time remembering things,can't complete a sentences, has a hard time paying attention and on top of it all he can't read.. I need help please.. I've tried most of what people told me to do and still its all the same. And since then I enrolled him a program to help him. His been in the program since he was in the 1st grade and his improving but not has much has I expected to.. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME ..


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u can play some memory games with him like place 10 different items on the tray and let him watch for 1-2 min and then along with him u can write down the things displayed on the tray on different sheets.. it will be fun and helpful also...
moreover u can do one more thing while going out to like mall, ask him to observe sign boards and other things, now take turns to ask some questions to each other based on what both of you saw and remembered... again its funny memory game u have... try if it helps him .
if u want i can give more such games to u
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Carol - posted on 09/09/2011




Hooked on Phonics was awesome for my son. We only worked on it about 10-15 minutes a day and he went from not knowing the ABC's to reading at a 6th grade level in one year - he was 5! I love it!!! The memory games are a great idea too - you can make your own or buy Memory at the store. Wal-Mart has them for around $10 or less and some come in different theme to get him interested.

Asma - posted on 02/23/2011




try your baby can read program. my daughter has been watching the dvds and we read together the word card and she 2 and half now but she learned by heart almost 200 words , abc's and numbers till 1-10. hope that helps.

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Have you tried Sylvan learning. Also, if you can put in the time, practice the abc's, i know it sounds infantile for a 4rth grader, but the sounds of the leters and have him repeat, put letters together do the same, then put words together. Practice reading with him. Have him read out loud and praise him. He should be very good at reading by 4rth grade so you have to work diligently with him. He might be extremely distracted in school so home time is good for learning.

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