I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to keep an almost 6 yr old focused on school work? She ki


Avril - posted on 08/20/2010




try and use a reward chart say for every 10 mins of homework, she can have extra 10 mins of golden time! my oldest is 17 now and lives with his dad he has A.D.H.D.+ASPERGERS +i found this helped him to concentrate more!

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Lisa - posted on 10/01/2010




An almost 6 year old is only going to focus for a short peroid of time on anything. Break your day and learning into small chunks of time. No more than 15 minutes. As he grows and the 15 minutes become easier, you can increase your time. Not even 6? They should not have too much work.

Hope this helped.

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10 minute teacher time is what we practiced this summer. 10 minutes of work and then 20 or so of play. Then another 10 and play... and so on. Training for longer periods of time. Or put more variety/playfulness into the "work" by using humor or actions (involving getting up and down to act out things) to keep it interesting. Good luck! :)

Pam - posted on 08/28/2010




I have a 6 year old son and he has trouble as well. We have started breaking up his homework and letting him pick what he would like to do first. He has 2 worksheets for english, 2 for math, 1 art assignment and 30 minutes of reading every night. It takes him anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. We break it up into 15 minutes and let him have a break of 15-30 minutes in between. It takes him all night after school sometimes to finish but he at least stays on task while we are working. Also, there are time that he just wants to finish and he is focused so we don't make him stop. Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you and her.

Trisha - posted on 08/20/2010




We have play time after homework. As soon as they get done with there work they get to play for an ensentment for hard work. Or we go to the library, computer time. Things like that. Good luck it still takes patients.

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