Barrie Ontario Mums

A place for Mom's from Barrie to meet,get advice,Help another mom and make friends.. Share stories,reviews for products,tips on dealing with situations that a rise.So if your a mom and from Barrie Come Join us.


Looking to Start a Play Group

HI Everyone. We are pretty new to Barrie and don't know allot of people. We live in the Prince William South End subdivision and I'm looking to start a small play group to...


Brand New Moms

Hi everyone! Our baby was born in January 16thbof this year - anyone else have brand new babies? Looking to reach out and make new friends with moms who are, or have, gone...


Looking for friends in Barrie

Hi Ladies, I'm looking to meet and form friendships with other moms. I definitely lack in the social area of life outside of family. I grew up in Toronto so my friends are...


Lets get out!

Looking for other moms and babies that want to get out before our dreaded winter hits! My girl is 8mths old born on Jan 16th. We are in the south end.


Looking for other moms!

Looking for moms to meet, mommy support groups, and things to do with my little one! I am 22 and have a 2 month baby girl and we are looking for some new friends in the barrie...


Moving to Barrie! Need some advice

My family is moving to Barrie so I'm looking for some tips on areas, best schools....areas to stay away from... Any tips would be great. Thanks!


Play dates!

Are there any mothers in Barrie looking to have play dates? A little socialization with other mothers and their children would be great for my baby and I.


Young Barrie Moms!!

Is anyone interested in getting together? Now that the weather is nice it would be great to meet other moms and babies. Walks at the waterfront, mall, playing at the park ect.....


New Mom, new to Barrie

I'm new to Barrie and a new mom, would love to make friends in the area and friends for my baby as well! :)


play dates in Barie

Hi Ladies, I'm 29 and moved to Barrie about 4 years ago. I have one baby girl born February 1st 2014. I live in the Southend of Barrie and I'm looking for other parents who like...


Brand new first time mom... Play dates

Hi there, I am 29 yrs old, 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I live in the South East end of Barrie... I was looking to find some other women in the area to plan play...


Brand New Moms

Hi everyone! Our baby was born in January 16th of this year - is there anyone else who has brand new babies? We're looking to reach out and make new friends with moms who are,...