Birmingham Area Moms

Calling all mom's in the Birmingham, Alabama Area. Post events, ideas, and good advice. Ask questions, vent, laugh and get to know the only people who really understand you...other moms!


Playdates...or something

Hi, I'm looking for moms to hang out with, get to know, and hopefully become friends with. I have my best friends but sometimes they don't really understand. So if you live...


Hey! Im new here!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just joined this circle of moms thing. I am actually from Tuscaloosa AL, not BIrmingham, but close enough. Hope everyone is having a...


Moving To Birmingham

Hey everyone. I'm a SAHM to a 14 month old daughter. I also have a 7 yr old step-daughter who lives in Bham. I'm from Hoover, Al and my husband is from Fairfield, Al. We are in...



Here's a challenge I bet you can't do. Can you be kind to yourself for 30 days? I want to empower mothers to practice better self-care by doing something nice for themselves...


Is it me?

I find that since the birth of my child, it is so hard to find people who want to socialize with those who have children....Especially when the child or children are infants. Is...


My sons been really upset lately..

Since my son got his one year immunizations last week he has been really fussy. I have tried to figure this out (is it the shots, teething, his stomach from eating new foods)...