Hi moms! I took a pregnancy test and got a very faint line. If I had sex on march 17,2012 is there anyway that the test would show positive on march 29,2012. It is possible that I could have gotten pregnant before this time. But can you get a positive this early? By the way, I took a dollar store pregnancy test.

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Amanda - posted on 04/26/2012




hiya, i did a test on the 26th, 29th march was faint both times with £1 tests, so i did another 2 which was the ones that say how many weeks you are, this was on the 1st and the 5th of april, im now around 7 weeks from the 15th of march. do another test with the weeks i helped me, hope this helps :)

Rach - posted on 04/21/2012




hi, my pregnancy tests showed as positive after 3 weeks, i'd suggest doing another test when your urine is stronger ie first thing in the morning. and all my tests were cheap ones

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