Terrible Toddlers

Joanne - posted on 07/07/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )





Im a quite experienced mom of three yet my youngest seems to have thrown me into turmoil !! my first two kids were quite well behaved - the odd tantrum etc but little cute Jake is a totally different story - he is cute one minute them the next is screaming, shouting, smacking and spitting even to us parents !! any ideas on anything other than sending him to his room/naughty step etc - done all that not working lol he also has bad night termours - not sure if connected but just to say that he is a absolute star at nursery and very well behaved HELP xx

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Ann - posted on 10/05/2009




How old is your baby? Something is wrong if he is having night tremours. I am a grandmother and have experienced the different phases my kids and grands have gone through. A lot of times because he is so well behaved at nursery he has all that energy that has build up on the inside and have to let it out. That's how he does it. One of my grandsons who is 4yrs. old does this, but he doesn't have any problems like night tremours. I try and let him play outside riding his bike to get the stored energy out. THis way he's not bouncing off the walls driving us crazy, he sleeps good and sound.

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It would be my guess from my personal experience that he could be frustrated with the lack of things to keep his mind active. His hands, maybe, but not his mind. Find several things that really interest him. Turn these into short, but challenging activities. I would imagine with his behavior he has a short attention span to things that do not interest him. Shorter than usual for a toddler...LOL

If you do bring in things to stimulate his mind, break them up within his normal routine.

You might even actively get his mind on other things by just moving around, keeping him always on the move. At least in between the mind activities. Dancing, hopping, frog hops, creeping or something...get down and have a crawling race. He may just need special stimuli for his special little self.

He may just not be getting the physical and mental activities he needs throughout the day and he's frustrated. And don't forget everyone, most, everyone loves feedback. If you are upset and he senses it when he throws his tantrum that could be feedback, enough.

You have to be like that old commercial and let Calgon take you away!

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