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Hello! I was just brought on as the Wilmington Blended Families Examiner on My page is

I would LOVE to hear any ideas that you might have on topics to write about blended families. What are some of the things that are particularly challenging or exciting about being in, or starting a blended family? What are the things that you would have liked to have known before starting your blended family? What tools have been the most useful to you? While I aim to put a local spin on my articles, the issues that those of us who are involved in blended families face are more universal.

Any help is greatly appreciated. And please feel free to subscribe to my articles. I have a lot of great things in the works and am really looking forward to reaching out to as many blended families as I can! Take care!

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Kelly - posted on 10/16/2012




How to deal with family members (parents, siblings extended family) that are not accepting to the blended family. How do you react to the division of biological grand children, vs "step grand children, and the same for nieces and nephews. How you explain to your children that they are just as important, and the division line should not be there?

Eileen - posted on 07/06/2010




Issues the difference in age between the children, discipline mosttly when the children (my situation) live with us, the mother is plain difficult (from paying support to talking bad to the children about their new brother), TRansitions from weekend with a disneyland parent to the parent that does everything else. I can keep going..

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